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plutonian (irredeemable)

  1. Mvrr

    Plutonian vs Onslaught

    High 4-C for both, and speed equalized Base Onslaught Plutonian is aware of his psionic/reality warping nature Plutonian (Irredeemable) Onslaught (Marvel)

    Plutonian VS Bardock

    Melee range, speed equal, fight takes place on Planet Vegeta in the field where Bardock fought Dodoria, both bloodlusted. Both High 4-C and Bardock is SSJ Plutonian: Bardock: Inconclusive:
  3. DegenerateWeeb

    Plutonian vs Mori Jin

    High 4C Plutonian 4B Mori Jin Speed equalized Last Man Standing Mori Ji: Plutonia:
  4. HeeHomeboyMokey

    Irredeemable/Eleos Revisions

    I finished reading Irredeemable a while ago and it was pretty good, but why are the Eleos rated how they are? Shouldn't the new tiering system downgraded them since not every mention of dimension implies higher stats? We know that dimension, even if spatial, does not always mean one higher...
  5. Sir_Ovens

    Plutonian vs Dean Ockham

    Plutonian was suggested as a potential opponent by Wokistan. Plutonia vs Dean Ockham Strongest High 4-C versions for now. I may decide to switch Dean to base if he AP stomps. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  6. Wokistan

    Naruto vs Plutonian

    Inb4 Naruto thread causes problems Both Low 5-B Naruto AP: Stronger than 1.33zt Plutonian AP: Unaffected by force that liquefies 1.2zt Speed equal Takes place on Zendikar Start 500m apart Note: While looking at Plutonian's file may make it seem bad, please read the note. He doesn't know...
  7. Wokistan

    Plutonian and Eleos revisions

    So basically I want to totally restructure one file and upgrade another high enough that it gets locked by default. I'll see about getting to other characters eventually too. If anyone needs full scans for calcing I can link you sections of the comic on request. Plutonia AP/Dura "Wrecked...
  8. Xtas

    a hero tries to stop an abomination

    Hunhow vs Plutonia High 6-A for both. SBA. Speed not equalized unless absolutely necessary.
  9. C2_of_Omegon

    True Hero vs Fake Hero

    Thor vs. Plutonia Speed Equalized. Base Plutonian. Thunder God: 'Hero' turned 'Villain': Inconclusive:
  10. Wokistan

    Superhero subversions: Saitama vs The Plutonian

    Saitama fights The Plutonian Plutonian isn't tier 4 Speed equalized Takes place in the Grand Canyon Start 100m out Saitama: Plutonian (Irredeemable): Inconclusive:
  11. C2_of_Omegon

    Plutonian vs Naruto Uzumaki

    Base Plutonia vs. Tailed Beast Sage Mode Naruto The Hero turned Villain vs. The Paraiah turned Savior Speed is equalized. They start 20 feet apart. Otherwise SBA.
  12. Legion350

    Genie vs Plutonian

    Genie (Disney) vs Plutonian (Irredeemable) Both are 4-C Speed is equalized
  13. The_Wright_Way

    Fallen Hero ~ Plutonian vs Darth Vader

    Both at High 6-A. Speed equalized. vs.
  14. DankSinatr

    Why is plutonian 4B?

    I was looking at his profile and he's rated solar system level for "accidentally destroying a solar system" but this is not true, during his fight with modeus, modeus used up all of the power of a star when he would throw a punch and stated everytime get did so a star system dies, which is true...
  15. Legion350

    Thor vs the Plutonian

    Thor (Marvel Comics) vs Plutonian (Irredeemable) This is a battle to the death 4-B forms for the both of them
  16. Legion350

    The Plutonian vs The Beast

    The Plutonia vs The Beast High 6-A versions for the both of them. Speed is equalized.
  17. Legion350

    Darth Vader vs Plutonian

    Speed is Equalized High 6-A for both of them Darth Vader vs the Plutonian
  18. Legion350

    Sentry vs the Plutonian

    4-B for both, and speed equalized The Sentry Plutonian (Irredeemable)
  19. Legion350

    Plutonian Downgrade

    On his page his planet level rating is from casually breaking a continental plate, but this more of a Large Continent level.
  20. Legion350

    Plutonian vs Lord Boros

    Base Form Plutonian Speed Equalized