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plague knight

  1. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Shovel Knight Discussion Thread

    With the release of Shovel Knight Dig, we officially have THREE mainline entries into the Shovel Knight Franchise! Feel free to talk about the franchise, or our Wiki profiles for it.
  2. Lou_change

    Shovel knight CRT part two Plague knight and the Enchantress

    I said I would do this let's get started but first somethings to note. I can not apply this none of my electronics give me a stable way to use fandom's editor and that makes me to nervous to touch actual pages. I don't know how to create scans so I am relying on videos, shovel knight's own wiki...
  3. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round 2, Match 3: Plague Knight vs Solid Snake

    Until @XSOULOFCINDERX switches his character, I'm skipping the matchup to make the 3rd matchup of the 2nd round of the 8-B tournament. Plague Knight (The_man_with_the_Midas_touch) vs Solid Snake (Popted2). 8-B keys. Speed is equalized. Snake will have access to all equipment. Fight takes...
  4. RandomGuy2345

    8-B Tournament Round1, Match 5: Plague Knight vs Mitsuki

    The 5th matchup in the 8-B tournament! Plague Knight (The_man_with_the_Midas_touch) vs Mitsuki (NomsNoms) 8-B keys are used. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in Nagi Island. Mitsuki: 2 (NomsNoms, UchihaSlayer96) Plague Knight: 7 (The_man_with_the_Midas_touch, jamesthetaker...
  5. SpiteBattles

    Two Plague doctors duke it out!

    Plague Knight vs The Plague Doctor(darkest dungeon) rules: •both are bloodlusted. •speed is equalised. •Plague Knight is 7C •The Plague Doctor is Low 7C(end game) •takes place in a cave Who wins? Plague birb but is knight:1(@JustANormalLemon ) Plague birb but is woman: Incon:
  6. Shmooply

    Minor Shovel Knight Addition

    Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight should all have type 1 self-sustenance or atleast underwater breathing due to them being unable to drown while exploring and fighting through Treasure Knight's stage.
  7. Necromercer

    Shovel Knight Speed Upgrade

    Shovel Knight Avoided Lighting in the Baz Fight, and Specter Knight Avoided attacks from Phantom Striker, who tuned into lighting, and main attacks with that element. Shovel knight also avoided Rockets from Tinker Knight. So, would this grant MHS speeds?
  8. The_Smashor

    Shovel Knight AP nerf

    So yeah, this kind of sucks, but The Enchantress didn't cause the Tower of Fate to collapse. The Tower of Fate collapsed due to Plague Knight's Ultimate Potio, which is made of the essances of literally every major character but Plague Knight (I.E. It's way above what Plague Knight is capable of...
  9. Billy_Hawks

    Minor Plague Knight addition

    Smoke Manipulation
  10. AdamGregory03

    Power to the Potions

    Hey. I'm back. Yay. Anyway now, battle between the slightly looney and explosive alchemists. Plague Knight vs. Pop Fizz! Both at 7-B, speed equalized, victory via death. Who wins? Plague Knight: 2 Pop Fizz: 0
  11. JustSomeWeirdo

    The Specter of Torment vs The Plague of Shadows - Specter Knight vs Plague Knight

    Both have their full arsenal, Serum Supernus and Chronos Coin are restricted, In character, Both have prior knowledge of each other, Victory by any means, Location: Outside the Tower of Fate (Final Black Knight Battle)
  12. Mr. Bambu

    Plague Knight vs The Joker

    Speed equalized for what little it matters here. Plague Knight vs The Joker. One day to prepare. Base forms only. Takes place in neutral area.