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  1. TheOrangeGuy09

    Nadakhan vs Sans

    Nadakhan has Infinite Wishes Both start 50 meters from one another Fight takes place within the Judgement Hall Speed is equalized Both are bloodlusted Fight ends in Death/Incap/K.O. "do you wanna have a bad time?" (Sans): "Your wish is yours to keep!" (Nadakhan): @Lloydblitzed @TheReal7Cris...
  2. Elizio33

    Nadakhan vs Irnakk

    Speed equalized king Nadakhan is used Who win?
  3. Yobo_Blue

    Atsuko vs Nadakahn

    Atsuko Kagari vs Nadakha SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  4. Yobo_Blue

    The Thinker vs Nadakhan

    Clifford DeVoe (CW) vs Nadakha SBA Who wins?
  5. Yobo_Blue

    Two brickki bios fight

    Nadakha vs Player (Catalog Heaven) SBA Speed equal Who wins?
  6. Elizio33

    Djinn King Nadakhan vs Great Spirit Teridax

    Who win the djinn king or the evil great spirit?
  7. DMB_1

    Ninjago Speed Revision

    Currently, many Ni Ninjago characters are listed as FTL for dodging laser beams. However this is wrong, and dodging a light speed object would only give you qualify for Reaction Speed, and not speed overall. However, user Bluetrekking made a calculation on Nadakha dodging multiple of the same...
  8. DMB_1

    The Didact vs. Nadakhan

    Not sure if this is fair, but I'll chance character, if it isn't. Speed equalized, both Low 7-B The Didact (Halo): 1 (KarmodF) Nadakha: 0 Inconclusive: 2 (Gargoyle One,VersusJunkie54)
  9. Yobo_Blue

    Very Wish. Such Grant.

    Calypso (Twisted Metal) vs Nadakha Calypso:2 Nadakhan:0 9-C Calypso SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  10. ABoogieYesSir

    Master of Spells V.S Djinn Prince.

    Magnus (Supernatural). Nadakhan. Both Are Low 7-B Speed is equalized.
  11. DMB_1

    Rick fights a Genie...

    Look: ...I am conceptually unable to make better matches. Besides, using one of the strongest 8-Cs we have (which might get upgraded to Low 7-B, but whatever) is hard. So: Speed is equalized and Rick has weapons from all of his tech up to 6-A. SBA otherwise. Note: If for whatever reason this...
  12. Elizio33

    Golden Skinned Being vs Djinn king Nadakhan vs Irnakk

    Speed equalized who win? Roand bonus: the winner fight Annona
  13. DMB_1

    Nadakhan vs. Voldemort

    Ok, now we can go there. Besides, there aren't as many Voldemot matches anymore. SBA and Speed Eaqualized. Nadakha: 0 Voldemort: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. DMB_1

    Sans vs. Nadakhan

    Yes, now a Lego is taking on Sans. This is truly the darkest of ages... (pls, do not be a stomp...) SBA Speed Equalized Takes place in New Djinjago Sans: 0 Nadakha: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  15. DMB_1

    Making a profile for Nadakhan...

    So, since the ninja have been downgaraded from High 8-C to regular 8-C, a few things have changed. Alos, how strong are they at full potential? Because that would effect the Stone Army's tiering. Anyways, I have intention on making aprofile on the Djinn, and the fact that he has A LOT of hax...