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monica pinkston

  1. Psychomaster35

    The Second Coming VS Monica Pinkston: Battle for the 6th Strongest Non-Smurf High 3-A

    Thanks to some new additions, I feel like AvA could potentially be placed higher than where they are. Speed is equalized, both are High 3-A (Awakened Second Coming is used), and the battle is in an abandoned city. Both start 4 kilometers apart and have access to all of their equipment. Who...
  2. Kirinator07

    The Hero Hunter pulls in a Queen of Spades

    SBA The battle takes place on the outskirts of our solar system in interstellar space Speed is equalized Awakened Garou: Cosmic Fear Mode (4-A) is used Ascended Monica (4-A) is used Garou: Monica Pinkston: Inconclusive:
  3. Sir_Ovens

    Ikki Kurogane vs Monica Pinkston

    Upgrades went through. Time to go ham. The Uncrowned Sword King vs The Queen of Spades Pre-SSSAF Ikki and Post-Apotheosis Monica. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  4. NoLifeKaiser

    Battle of Queens; Queen of Spades VS the Flower Master of the Four Seasons.

    Story: 'Yuuka Kazami is casually watering her garden, as a lady is seen walking, morphing her arms into literal firearms, Monica Pinkston was her name, and she has a bone to pick with Yuuka." Rules: Each bloodlusted. On their powerful Tiers. (Monica = High 3-A | Yuuka = 3-C). Place: Desert of...
  5. Jinsye

    Lady Death vs. Monica Pinkston

    I suggested to this to King a while ago and he said "ok" while proceeding to not make the match so I'll just make it for him. Lady Death w/ Nightmare (can be changed if nessecary) vs. Post-Ascension Monica Pinkston Speed is equal Who wins? Lady Death: 0 Monica Pinksto: 0
  6. Ricsi-viragosi

    Guns vs White Arms. Monica vs Golem

    Monica Pinksto Giant Golem Assuming the giant has High 7-C dura and 7-C AP. Speed Equal for now (Would a mach 2000 blitz her?) Takes place in an illusion barrier of Central Park (Pocket dimension desolated of people)
  7. Dargoo_Faust

    Monica Pinkston vs. Pride

    This should be relatively interesting, as Monica exploding the heck out of stuff gives Pride more shadows to work with, and Alchemy isn't equalized to magic or biological abilities so Monica's resistances aren't really a big factor here. Monica is 50 kT via Cruise Missile, Pride is > 28...
  8. Sir_Ovens

    All For One vs Monica (One More)

    I owe Schnee this one. All For One vs One for All 7-C versions. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Discuss.
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Monika Pinkston vs Marx

    Sounds like fun. This is Marx Soul. Speed's equalized. Marx (Kirby): Monica Pinksto:
  10. Mr. Bambu

    Monica Pinkston vs Cinder Fall REDUX

    Because apparently the last match isn't viable due to how Showstopper works (it KOs the user). So, requested by Dargoo because he believes it should be redone and thinks Monica can still pull through. Monica Pinksto base vs Cinder Fall Full Maiden form. Let's see this unravel lads...
  11. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Risky vs Monica Pinkston

    Hope y'all don't mind if I keep the ball rollin' Ereskigal vs Monica Pinksto (7-C versions, BoS Risky) Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED Risky's AP: 42 kilotons Monica's AP: 50 kilotons
  12. Dargoo_Faust

    Yu Narukami vs. Monica Pinkston (Finished)

    >7-C haxxed character Seems worth it. SCP vs Persona hasn't been done yet either, so this will be interesting. This is Base Monica and Persona 4 Yu. Speed isn't equalized. Monica Pinksto - 6 (Crimson, Gargoyle, DMUA, Dragon, Edwellken, Edwardtruong) Yu Narukami - Incon - E X P L O S I O N
  13. Hl3_or_bust

    I'm Doing This to Mess with Yobo and Freely Admit It (Monica Pinkston vs The Firstborne

    Monica Pinkston (SCP Foundation) vs The Firstbourne >Speed= >Base Monica Old Drago E X P L O S I O N S
  14. Dargoo_Faust

    Monica Pinkston vs. Ophiel

    Liked the idea of this fight; reminds me of Monica's fight with the Voidslinger, albiet with less void and more shadow this time around. This is base Monica with the Showstopper restricted and speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the ruins of Las Vegas where Monica fought the Voidslinger...
  15. Overlord775

    Monica Pinkston vs Tart

    Tecnology vs Magic Both High 3-A and Speed Equalized Monica:0 Tart:0 Inconclusive:6 (Hl3, SomebodyData, Dargoo, Velox, ABoogie, Pheonix)
  16. PrettyFearMachine

    SCP Foundation (Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series)

    A certain person gave me this idea, so I'm stealing it from him ovo. As for the rules: DMC1 Dante & Post-Apotheosis Monica are used. Sword of Sparda is restricted. Speed is equalized. Starting range is 100 meters. K.O. via SBA. Now, let the fight begin! Monica - 0 Dante - 0...
  17. The_Smashor

    Monica Pinkston vs Galacta Knight, a battle between those who won't accept containment

    Both are 4-A. Speed equalized. Both are in character and willing to kill. Fight takes place on Popstar. Enemy of the foundatio: 1 (Dargoo Faust) Enemy of... somebody: Inconclusive:
  18. ZephyrosOmega

    Because Time Stop. Monica Pinkston VS. Homura Akemi (GRACE)

    Let's see if this can't be fair. Homura is in her magical girl form, and obviously no 4-A shit for Monica unless it'll make the fight fairer. Speed is equalized. Who wins? Homura: 7 Monica: Inconclusive:
  19. Jinsye

    The Administrator attempts to terminate Monica (Romeo vs. Monica Pinkston)

    High 3-A versions used. Fight takes place in Terminal Space. Speed Equalized. Who wins? Monica Pinkston (SCP Foundation): 0 Romeo (Minecraft): 0
  20. Dargoo_Faust

    Mettaton vs. Monica Pinkston

    Projectile spam heaven, let's see which bundle of weapons can take out the other. This is Base Monica and Mettaton EX, Speed is equalized and the Showstopper is restricted. Mettato - Monica - Incon -
  21. Sir_Ovens

    Monica Pinkston vs Ryuko Matoi

    Why didn't I think of this before? Bullshit rege vs Bullshit rege 7-C versions. Monica has the Showstopper. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Discuss.
  22. Jinsye

    Monica Pinkston vs. Magik Lego

    Monica fights a lego. Speed Equalized. Base Monica with the Showstopper vs. Base Player Who wins? Player (Elemental Battlegrounds): 0 Monica Pinkston (SCP Foundation): 0
  23. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Ness vs Monica Pinkston

    Ness vs Monica Pinkston (SCP Foundation) (7-C versions, Showstopper restricted) Starting distance of 100 meters. Win via KO, incapacitation, death, or BFR. SPEED EQUALIZED
  24. Dargoo_Faust

    Monica Pinkston vs Darth Vader

    Monica's a new hot shot off the block in Tier 7, but can she take out some of the bigger stars? This is Base Monica and Post New Hope Vader, and speed is equalized. Starting distance is 50 meters. Monica: Vader: Incon:
  25. Overlord775

    Monica Pinkston vs Mami Tomoe

    SCP Foundation vs Puella Magi Verse Base Monica vs Mami Tomoe's first key and Speed equalized Monica: 7 ( Dargoo Faust, SomebodyData, Wokistan, Cain Fastus, Gargoyle One, DaBigP, ZackMoon ) Mami: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  26. Dargoo_Faust

    SCP Apotheosis Additions

    I'm going to repost this on content revision seeing as it got nowhere as a blog. Lesson learned, lol. The final chapter of Apotheosis has arrived, and I'm finally ready to update the profiles for Monica, Armando, as well as create new Profiles for SCP-3396 and SCP-3731 as a whole. Also...
  27. Sir_Ovens

    Monica Pinkston vs Cinder Fall (2 more votes!)

    An ╬▒╬®-Class Reality Fusing Senario causes the Foundation earth and Remnant to fuse into one planet. Cinder finds out that a relic is housed in the ruins of Las Vegas and proceeds to travel there and take it. Her efforts are put to a halt however, when a lone woma blocks her path. Full Maiden...
  28. Dargoo_Faust

    The Terrarian vs. Monica Pinkston

    Alright, I've finally gone through and finalized the profile for base Monica, although she will soon get a new key for her post-Ascension state. But for pre-ascension Monica, I thought a battle would be nice, to start things off. Speed is equalized, and this is Mid-Late Game Terrarian/Base...
  29. Dargoo_Faust

    Monica Pinkston Jumps a Tier

    Finally found quotes about how many/what weapons she can generate. Also, I may post a calc for being able to vaporise a containment site, although IDK if it'll add much to her AP as it stands. Quote: She had thousands now. Millions. Pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, howitzers, cruise...