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max (camp camp)

  1. GreyFang82

    Max vs Sasha Kreutzev

    I hope this isn't a Mis-Match Both in-character Speed is Equal SBA Otherwise Who wins and why? Max: 0 () Sasha Kreutzev: 1 (DestinyDude0) Inconclusive: 0 () "Another Russian Spy?" "My first question: Would you prefer the hammer or the screwdriver?"
  2. GreyFang82

    Max vs Amisia Erdehn

    Both 9-B Speed is Equal Both are In-Character SBA otherwise Who wins and why? Max: 3 (Buttersamuri, The Wright Way, TheQuirkyBoy) Amisia Erdeh: Inconclusive:
  3. GreyFang82

    (Grace) Max vs Morty Smith

    Max (Camp Camp) vs Morty Smith Morty is Car-Morty Speed Unequal Who wins and why? Max (Camp Camp): 7 (Kriskirby, Jackythejack, Stalker Maggot, Ionliosite, Dusty Raider, Buttersamuri, The God Of Procrastinatio) Morty Smith: Inconclusive:
  4. LincolnLoudFan3120

    Lola Loud Vs. Max (Camp Camp)

    Lola bullies Max a lot. Max snaps and then punches her in the face. They both get into a fighting stance. Both are 9-B, combat speed and reflexes are unequal, Lola has her equipment and hammerspace.
  5. LincolnLoudFan3120

    Max (Camp Camp) Vs. Lincoln Loud

    Lincoln Loud smacks Max across the face for swearing. However, Max punches Lincoln before they both fight. The albino: Vulgar Indian child:
  6. GreyFang82

    Max vs Redcap

    Both 9-B Speed is Equal Story: David and Gwen want an easy day off and found a flayer for a free tour of some old ruins found near the camp. The two have Mr. Campbell take the kids on the trip. During the trip, Campbell loses track of Max and his friends. Nikki ran off the path of the tour...
  7. GreyFang82

    (Grace) Freddy Fazbear fights a Child

    Story: It's Max's eleventh birthday, David and Gwen think it would be nice to take him to a pizzeria with Animatonics for the occasion. Turns out the only one around was something called... Freddy's Pizzeria. The three of them spend a few hours of "fun" (Max hated it, but enjoyed the fact they...
  8. GreyFang82

    Beavis vs Max

    Beavis vs Max (Camp Camp) Both 9-B Neither one has any equipment Speed is equal Who wins and why? The Idiot: 1 (Insecurity97) The 10 Year Old: 4 (Keeweed, DaBigP, Endlesspossibilities 2006, and Jimboydejuan12) Inconclusive:
  9. GreyFang82

    A Ten Year Old Camper gets ambushed by a Grizzly Bear

    Max (Camp Camp) vs Grizzly Bear Both 9-B Max has his Switchblade Speed is Equal Fight takes place in a forest in daytime with the two a few meters apart. Who wins and why? The Ten Year Old: The Grizzly Bear: Neither (or both?):
  10. GreyFang82

    Camp Camp Profiles and General Discussion Thread

    What is this About So, I've kinda wanted to start making Camp Camp profiles on this wiki now and so far I only have one of the characters done. So if we can have those interested in this talking about it or suggesting what we should do from here such as which characters to make next or about...