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lord of nightmares

  1. Hykuu

    Lord of Nightmares Scan Request

    "LoN negged the author of her own series with a shovel" I looked everyone for scans regarding this but couldn't find them, can someone post them?
  2. Zenith_Blaze

    Shouldn't L-Sama be Tier 0?

    she is infinitely greater than all dimensions. At the least I feel like she's 1-A.
  3. Doctor_129

    Can anyone show me the scan of Lord of Nightmares which prove she is 1c´╝ƒ

    The link is broken´╝îI can see nothingÒÇé
  4. StarSlayer666

    Low 1-C Battle Royale

    Sheogorath VS Setoki Nozumu VS Lord of Nightmares VS God (World of Darkness) VS ZeedMillenniummo
  5. Gothika47

    Lord of Nightmares vs Nuada (To Aru)

    Both 1-C version. Who win and why? Sorry if this is stomp.
  6. Kerwin0831

    Justification on Lord of Nightmares' tier

    The links are broken. Can someone send the scans?
  7. ZeedMillenniummon89

    Lucemon vs Lord of Nightmares

    Both at Low 1-C. Speed equalized if it needs to be. Who wins? Lucemon: 1 (Gargoyle One) Lord of Nightmares: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  8. Ryukama

    Lord of Nightmares Downgrade

    Hello. I'd like to ask why Lord of Nightmares has a High 1-C to Low 1-B rating? "(Created an infinite amount of universes with different physical laws without trying to.)" This is just a casual 2-A feat. Unless, there are any statements of these universes being 11 to 12th dimensional. Or if...
  9. Deviljinyes

    why the spw put her as a omnipotent user?

    aparently the super power wiki put the Lord of Nightmares as omnipotent. can someone explain to me why that is?
  10. The_Wright_Way

    Lord of Nightmares vs Lord English

    Both at peak. [[1]]vs. I couldn't find a picture of Lord of Nightmares so I just linked the page.
  11. Crzer07

    Lord of Nightmares vs. Mother of Existence

    God(dess) of Kanzaka-verse vs. God(dess) of Image-verse Which supreme being of their respective franchises wins?
  12. Hellspawn_Barbarian

    About Lord Of Nightmares.

    First I request the owner of the page to fix the broken link provided in the note: created a infinite amount of universes with different physical laws Then another question can anyone provide the scan of Lord Of Nightmares beat her author up with an shovel? I can't find it.. Thanks.
  13. DaamK'Vosh

    Lord of Nightmares vs Sithis

    Both want to defeat the other. In my opinion LoN wins.
  14. Zouka

    Lord of Nightmares Tier

    This probably was discussed before (searched but didn't find anything) but is there a reason this character is considered "1-c to 1-b" and not something higher or lower? I admit my knowldge of the serise isn't all that, but I followed the link in her page and it just mention how she lives in...
  15. Verivici

    Meta!Beatrice vs the Lord of Nightmares

  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Lord of Nightmares vs Cosmic Armor Superman

    DC vs Slayers! Higher dimensional battle of the sexes jk. Fight until death, or the closest thing these guys can get to.