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  1. Accelerated_Evolution

    Tectonic Shells (Koopa Troopa´s Durability Upgrade)

    Since my other CRT still wasn´t evaluated. This should be simple enough to do right now We current rate a Koopa´s durability as Building level from scaling to their AP, however, we don´t have a value for their shells, even though they are consistently showed to be able to casually survive...
  2. Mariogoods

    Jean Pierre Polnareff (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) VS Koopa (Mario Bros)

    Rule: 1. Jean Pierre Polnareff is 10-A. At least 8-C, likely higher with Silver Chariot while Koopa is 8-C. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Jean Pierre Polnareff (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure): 1 (Lou_change) Koopa (Mario Bros): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  3. Imaginym

    Mario Revision - Badges & Items

    In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, there are a number of badges & items. When a battle begins, enemies can appear within the battle, already holding 1 Badge or 1 Item as of the start of the battle, which they may be affected by &/or use. Currently, our profiles do not account for this. I...
  4. Grandlewon

    Turtle vs Tomato

    Koopa vs Cacodemon Speed is equalised Green koopa with wings Yellow shell is not allowed Koopa's profile: Cacodemon's profile Turtle: 3 (StrymULTRA, Peptocoptr27, 00potato) Tomato: Soup:
  5. BigSmoke4269

    Goomba VS Koopa

    Base versions used Goomba: Koopa: 3
  6. HappyTreeSponge

    King Dedede's Army vs Bowser's Army.

    A Penguin's army versus a Turtles' Army.
  7. Bobsican

    Barney Vs. a Koopa Troopa... almost

    Speed equalized. The Yellow Turtle The Purple Dinosaur
  8. Totallynotchewbacca

    Goomba and Koopa upgrade

    pretty self explanatory, they can casually kill mario in one hit which should make them High 4-C, or it not then give them one hit kill
  9. Starter_Pack

    The World Champ Fights A Turtle (Hercule Satan vs. A Koopa Troopa) (One Vote Remains)

    Why does this match exist? I dunno. I decided it was worth a try after talking on chat considering my sudden mood to make a Mario match. And besides, maybe against someone as basic as a Koopa Troopa, the world champion may actually have a fair shot. So, how will this pan out? I don't know, but I...
  10. Dargoo_Faust

    Powerless Brackets: Round 3

    Third Round of the Powerless Brackets begins! Our contestants for this round are a Koopa, and a Lion (Real World). Click here to see current standings. Speed isn't equalized. Not much else to put here. Lion - 2 (Apies, Core) Koopa - 2 (Mand, Crimson) Incon - 1 (Spino) Incon -
  11. Mand21

    Composite Human VS Koopa Troopa

    Composite Human has discovered that the flesh of a Koopa tastes better than anything from real life and goes off to hunt. He has one hour of preparation time and no access to any equipments he cannot carry along with him. On the other side, Bowser has found out about this form of life that can...
  12. Mand21

    Quick attempt to scale Marioverse to rough numbers: is there any consistent scaling for their sizes and blocks'?

    The subject is the post's TL;DR, but I must explain what I'm talking about. I'm thinking of calcing the energy output needed to destroy one of those brick wall cubes we see Koopa Troopas breaking by ramming their shells into them. Problem is... I can't seem to find an exact height for them or...
  13. Fllflourine

    Toad's Tiering and Mario Fodder Revisions

    Why is Toad rated at Low 7-B for scaling to a feat in a game he does not even appear in? EDIT: More importantly, why are Goombas only 10-C and Koopas 8-C for being able to ward off Yoshi and Shroobs, as well as being able to "slightly hurt" Mario and Luigi? I propose that, for the moment...
  14. Arigarmy

    Koopa VS Waddle Doo

    The matchup of the ultimate fodder that's just not quite fodder yet. 8-C Koopa VS 8-C Waddle Doo; speed is equalized. Standard Battle Assumptions are put in. Let's throw down.
  15. Numbersguy

    Jaune Arc vs Koopas and Goombas

    Can the redshirt from RWBY defeat some redshirts from Mario? Jaune Arc Koopa Goomba Mario! Does this look like the face of mercy you plumber?! Jaune is bloodlusted The Koopas and Goombas are well trained. Scenario 1: Jaune against 10 Koopas and 10 Goombas Scenario 2: Jaune against 10...