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  1. DanielIH15

    Where does Kimimaro get his rating from?

    I'm trying to understand Kimimaro's rating (from Mountain Level to Large Mountain Level), and I don't understand it. It seems he scales to/above Gaara, but checking Gaara's profile, he scales to Kimimaro. So what's the reasoning behind Kimimaro's rating? Thanks in advance.
  2. Godernet

    Small Part 1 Kawaki's Dad CRT(yes its Nardo)

    Good evening/Good Morning Nardo lovers and haters alike, this will be the first of a couple of revisions I would like to make in attempting to fix some of the Naruto profiles. This one will be mostly uncontroversial with the exception of maybe one thing. Naruto's Profile Naming for his initial...
  3. Thicc18

    Not sure how to calc this feat ( Kimimaru )

    In chapter 217, CM2 Kimimaru creates an entire forest made out of bones with his Bracken Dance. As far as the eye can see from a point of view at least a dozen meters above ground level there was nothing but large bones. On top of this Kimimaru's bones are stated to be maximum density and as...
  4. Shadowbokunohero

    Zabuza vs Kimimaro

    * Battle takes place by the Samurai Bridge * Speed is equalized *CS2 is restricted for Kimimaro The Demon of the Hidden Mist: The Superior Sound Four:
  5. SemiRaedi

    3 sword style Vs Shikotsumyaku

    Kimimaro (> 150.42 kilotons) Vs Zoro (235 kilotons) Zoro has 1.56 ap advantage CS 2 is restricted and skypiea zoro is being used Zoro has knowledge of CS 1 and Kimimaro has knowledge of Goken
  6. KingTempest

    Curse Mark and Sage Mode Multiplier Removal CRT

    Yeah I'm downgrading this multiplier. Since it wants to make everything complicated (Boruto scaling is now horrifying because of it), and it makes a plethora of the scaling look weird, here's what I'll do. First I'll go over the arguments that got it accepted, then I'll go over issues with the...
  7. UchihaSlayer96

    Sage Mode Multiplier CRT

    As the title suggests, this thread is for the purpose of proposing and discussing a potential applicable multiplier for Sage Mode users. I'm doing this now because last time we discussed it amidst the AP revisions it took up a lot of precious time, and in the end we didn't really reach any...
  8. UltratimateSTARS

    The Battle Between Tyrants: Kaneki Ken(Tokyo Ghoul:re) vs Kimimaro Kaguya(Naruto)

    8-A Versions were used, with Kimimaro healthy and no risks at Kaneki's Dragon Kakuja CS2 Kimimaro is restricted and Speed is Equalized Ths battle takes place on Earth with no prep time Win by Death or K.O Let the battle begins!
  9. UltratimateSTARS

    Bone vs One Eyed Owl: Kimimaro(Naruto) vs Eto(Tokyo Ghoul:re)WHO WILL WIN!?!?

    This was Part 1 Kimimaro(Vs. Lee and Gaara) This was Tokyo Ghoul:re Eto(Vs. Kaneki) Both characters were at their full power and limitless stamina with Kimimaro healthy and no risks at Eto's kakuja. Win by death or K.O. Both start 20 meters apart and Speed was equalized The battle takes...
  10. Ricsi-viragosi

    Tecnically Dino vs Kinda Dragon

    Kimimaro (cursed seal on): Dragoniak: Speed Equal Takes place in the Sahara
  11. Landon_Avery

    Kimimaro vs Spinal

    Kimimaro vs Spinal Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Speed =ized Location: Elephant Graveyard (Lion King)
  12. Landon_Avery

    The Horseman of Death vs The Leader of the Sound Ninja 5

    Archangel vs Kimimaro Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Speed =ized Location: The Pit(MK)
  13. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Sasuke vs. Kimimaro

    Since their cursed seals were said to be on the same level, I want to know who'd die in a match between both of them. I wanted to make this yesterday, but I forgot. >_> Stipulations The fight takes place outside of one of Orochimaru's bases. Both are in character, and they start thirty...
  14. Landon_Avery

    Kimimaro vs Garchomp

    After being cured of his fatal illness Kimiaro begins to train in order to better serve the ill will of his dark master. In doing so he disturbs the nesting ground of an angry wild Garchomp. Seeing this as an opportunity to test his strength, Kimimaro stands his ground and fights the beast...
  15. Narutouchiha95

    Kimimaro Power Up

    Why is Kimimaro transonic? He is superior to the four ninjas of sounds in the same time. And They are supersonic, the less faster, Jirobo, is supersonic+ https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jirobo And other characters as Haku has supersonic reflections https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Haku , and...
  16. Valar_Melkor_2

    Spider-Man vs Kimimaro

    Both in character. Kimimaro starts in base.