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justice (guilty gear)

  1. Ikelaggan

    The math doesn't add up on this one.

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Ikelaggan/justice_radiation_calc This calculation: P = εAσT4 (0.67*8.8084964E+16*5.670374419 × 10^-8*100000000^4) = 4.9944174588E+37 Watts This actually adds up to 3.3464807e+41 Watts Which massively changes the low end tier to large star instead of...
  2. DarkGrath

    Guilty Gear: Fixing the Tiers (Probably Part 1?)

    Guilty Gear has recently been my Dorky Fixation That Will Inevitably Fade Away In Two Weeks™️, so I've been looking through the Guilty Gear profiles on the wiki the past couple of days. The first thing that's caught my eye is the tiering, and the fact that it's messy. I'd like to clean this up...
  3. Ikelaggan

    Is Justice actually Multi-Galaxy Level?

    Well like the title in question revolves around this scene in particular is stated "Justice's information density is equivalent to a galaxy cluster. Could the energy of a single organism exceed that of Systematically networked lifeform.", which at a armchair approach seems cut and dry to Justice...
  4. CrackerVolley

    Even Further Guilty Gear Revisions

    Continued from this thread. To Do: Continue talking about AP? Continue talking about Baiken's AP scaling? Add God I-no's left hand weakness to her profile. Talk about Slayer's higher form again? Happy Chaos's and Nagoriyuki's profile Update profile pictures to Strive designs. Wait for the DLC...
  5. Xantospoc

    Further Guilty Gear Revisions

    Greetings everyone, I have seen I missed the big downgrade of guilty Gear (thank god, given the Absolute World shouldn't have scaled from any potential character). However, I fear there are still inaccuracies all over the profiles, that I have bothered to take note of. The first of all, I do...
  6. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Composite Link vs Justice

    Link (Composite) vs Justice (Guilty Gear) SBA, takes place 50 meters away and speed is equalized. Who wins and why?
  7. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Taking another shot at Universal Guilty Gear because if you disagree on the revision, at least tell why

    Okay. So basically, I suggested 3-A Guilty Gear before. And people said 'nah'. The problem is, they didn't said ******* why. That's why I'm taking another shot at this. Not to mention pretty much similar feat by Argosax in DMC were accepted as 3-A, I don't know why this wasn't accepted yet. Sol...
  8. Muhammedmco

    Guilty Gear Revision

    Requested by Veloxt1r0kore, and supported by Matt and Ever. Now i have seen messy profiles here, and the wiki is practically screwed. Since i know about Date A Live AND Guilty Gear, i'm gonna make this thread. Let's begin: Scalings So, i have knew that Slayer is 4-B due to his Instant Kill...
  9. WeeklyBattles

    Android 18 vs Justice

    Android 18 ==Powers and Stats== Tier: High 4-C Name: Lazuli (her human name) Origin: Dragon Ball Gender: Female Age: Unknown Classification: Cyborg/Human hybrid Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ki Manipulation, Flight, Martial Arts, Forcefield, Longevity...
  10. Mayro37

    Potential upgrade for Guilty Gear top tiers

    So I was browsing the gear project tumblr when I came to this post http://gear-project.tumblr.com/post/164889107304/technically-isnt-ariels-keeping-the-japanese Relevant part here: "It would be bad news if too many flares triggered an "absolute world" event,merging this universe with the...
  11. Notadeadguy

    Cloud Strife vs Justice (Guilty Gear)

    A simple duel in Midgard. Who would win and why?