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  1. LeoEpicGamer8910

    The Real Deal (Bryan the Crewmate vs Jasper) [0-0-0]

    Rules Speed is equalized Location is the Beta Kindergarten Starting distance is 10 meters Da Music Voting "I would shoot you if you weren't good at this.": Scales to this; 405.20 Kilotons of TNT "QUIT HELPING THE LOCAL ECOSYSTEM RECOVER!": Scales to this; 142.08 Kilotons of TNT INCONCLUSIVE:
  2. JustANormalLemon

    Cheetos Puff vs Sore candy(Jasper vs Corrupted Nephrite)(1-0-0)(S.U)

    Just trough this one would be a fun same verse match sinse Jasper was colleting corrupted gens at one point and Nephrite was never actually defeat by the cristal gens, they just got really luck with a a freezer beingh extremely eletrical JASPER vs NEPHRITE CENTPEDLEE Rules: Battle takes place...
  3. Marvel_Champion_07

    Corrupted Homeworld Gem fights a giant mutant beetle

    JASPER vs CARNAGE KABUTO Base Carnage Kabuto and Corrupted Jasper are used (Carnage Mode is restricted) Speed is equalised Fight takes place in the House of Evolution's Combat Experimentation Room Standard Battle Assumptions Jasper: 1 (@Da3ggman) Carnage Kabuto: 0 Inconclusive:
  4. Coolboy6

    High 7-C Tournament Round 3, Match 4 (Raiden vs Jasper)

    Both high 7-C, speed equal, battle takes place at the DBZ World Tournament Arena. (@Psychomaster35) Master swordsman trained from a young age: (@Adem_Warlock69) A rock person: Raiden scales above 121 KT Jasper scales above 142 KT
  5. Vizer04

    Steven Universe: Massive High 6-A (or more) upgrade

    On this clip we can see Lapis struggling to keep Jasper trapped with water chains, and she says that the ocean's weight is needed to keep her imprisoned. Now, some of you might say that she meant keep Malachite imprisoned. However, this is unlikely since we can see how Jasper briefly breaks...
  6. Spinoirr

    Hatterene vs Jasper (7-A tournament)

    Speed is = and both are 7-A, same rules as Here Hatterene: Jasper: icon:
  7. CrackNet

    Steven Universe Future updates?

    New Pearl fusion, new gems, Smoky Quarts has super speed, Jasper fought Pink Steven, Snow Obsidian should at least be wall level and other stuff
  8. WeeklyBattles

    A Minor Jasper Revision

    Seeing as matches using Jasper's corrupted form are being made I figured this should probably be made. Jasper's current profile does not have a key for her Corrupted form because, frankly, its entirely featless and existed for all of a few seconds. As such either a key with all Unknown stats...
  9. Soupywolf5

    Spinel vs. Jasper

    Why? I don't know. Spinel is on top of her Injector, while Jasper is at the bottom Stretchy gem: 7 (SquiTwo, Redite250, Starter Pack, Js250476, CinnabarManx421,Foxthefox1000, ElixerBlue) Angry gem: Steven:
  10. Tots_Real

    Sanji (Post-Timeskip) Vs Jasper

    After getting to earth to beat up rose the straw hats are jump by Jasper, turns out the ship they hijacked was going to the region she was managing and now she doesn't have [Natural Resource (Gold?)]. Jasper reaches earth but before she can do anything is corepted. Now Jasper is in a monster...
  11. TheArsenal1212

    Ghost Rider vs Jasper

    This could be interesting Base Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics) vs Jasper Speed is = Otherwise SBA Winner of the best death battle so far: 0 OG Steven Universe Villian: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. ShockingPsychic

    Quagsire (Pokémon) VS. Jasper (Steven Universe)

    "What is this dopey creature?" "Quag?" The battle takes place on the beach of Beach City. Somehow Quagsire just kinda washed up and Jasper notices it walking on the beach. Both sides have no preptime. Jasper cannot become Malachite. Both are in-character. Speed is =. They start 25 ft. apart.
  13. Confussed-Oddish

    Jasper vs Escanor

    A gem ship drops in the middle of a green English field. The ship contains Jasper and Topaz. "I'll go outside to set up base. You stay inside" says Jasper She goes outside and sees a giant man walking up to her "Excuse me, may you please take your craft elsewhere" say the ma "ha well of...
  14. Maverick_Zero_X

    Gem Warship dura scaling questions

    These are just some questions that recently came to mind about SU scaling. Getting into it, one of the Tier 6 feats in the series comes from Garnet and Jasper wrecking the Gem Warship in their fight (the latter tanking an explosion strong enough to blow a hole in the vessel), which had...
  15. EightAte8

    Jasper versus Zod

    Round 1: Non-Corrupted Jasper versus General Zod Round 2: Corrupted Jasper versus Doomsday Round 3: Corrupted Jasper versus General Zod Round 4: Non-Corrupted Jasper versus Doomsday Who wins?
  16. Golem_Guy_(Neo)

    Whitebeard vs Jasper

    Now, the previous battle Whitebeard had with a Gem was with Garnet, and he was beaten by her due to certain factors. However, there are other Gems out there who could be more even in a fight against Whitebeard, such as Jasper. This will be a fight located on the Gem Homeworld, giving Jasper the...
  17. Uchuma

    Acnologia vs Jasper

    Jasper's Profile Acnologia's Profile The hair and tier similarities were too good for me to resist. Speed equalized, setting is an endless concrete plain, starting distance is 10 meters, both characters are in character but aren't willing to lose. Acnologia has to stay in human form as well.
  18. Laserbeak3.0

    Jasper VS Martian Manhunter (Post-Crisis)

    The ultimate quartz vs The ultimate martian
  19. Laserbeak3.0

    Jasper and Garnet VS Nagato and minato bijuu mode

  20. Laserbeak3.0

    Jasper vs Minato Namikaze Biju Mode

  21. Laserbeak3.0

    Jasper VS Vision (Marvel Comics)

  22. The_real_cal_howard

    Jasper vs Bismuth

    I don't know. This match just stuck out to me. Who should win here? Obviously, non-corrupted Jasper. Round 1: Nothing on them at all. Round 2: Jasper has the Gem De-stabilizer. Bismuth has the Breaking Point.
  23. WeeklyBattles

    Jasper vs Rhino

    Summary Jasper is a Homeworld Gem and recurring antagonist who was originally created on Earth's Beta Kindergarten as a soldier of Pink Diamond alongside Rose Quartz. But when Rose shattered Pink Diamond, Jasper vowed revenge and since became a nemesis to Rose. Jasper made her debut in the...
  24. WeeklyBattles

    War is what we were made for - Jasper vs Mecha Zero Sion

    War is eternal… as am I. Powers and Stats Tier: High 6-C Name: Sion, the Undead Juggernaut Origin: League of Legends Gender: Male Age: Several hundred years old Classification: Zombie, Noxian tool of war, Former Noxian General, Mecha Bot Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical...
  25. ShadeTheNarwhal

    Sans (Undertale) VS The Homeworld Gems (Steven Universe)

    Sans from Undertale versus the 'Homeworld Gems' from Steven Universe. The Homeworld Gems consist of Lapis, Peridot (with her limb enhancers) and Jasper, fought in that order. Just a reminder of the character's stats and abilities: Sans can use Karmic Retribution (kinda like poison), his...