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iron golem

  1. Brogeefrong

    Golem on Golem action

    Iron Golem vs Level 10 Golem Speed is equal Iron Golem scales to >38 Tons Rock Golem scales to >37 Tons No multi city block dura The Golem tries to raid a village so the iron golem is defending it Votes Iron Man :3 Rock Man :
  2. King_Dom470

    Giant vs Golem (7-1-0) GRACE

    Rules: Speed equal Iron Golem is in base Battle takes place in a regular ol' minecraft village SBA for everything else Iron Golem (noninho, AThe1412, Marvel_Champion_07, EnderLord8, Oiguana2701, MarkGoldbridge, King_Dom470) Upcales from 38.500956 Tons Ice Giant: (JustANormalLemon) Upscales...
  3. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    A bookworm fights an angry golem (Touhou Project vs Minecraft)

    Iron Golem: @JustANormalLemon @Ret_of_Guys, @Deidalius, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Mariogoods, @koopa3144 Kosuzu Motoori Rules: Iron golem: can harm wither who is around 38.500956 tons of tnt regarding AP Kosuzu Motoori: Scales above fairies like cirno who is 49.836513790392 tons Speed...
  4. V999

    Sugarman VS Iron Golem (0-7-0)

    My Hero Academia VS Minecraft • Speed are equalized • Both are 8-B • Normal Iron Golem • Sugarman U.A. Beginnings Saga is used • Sugarman : 13.70 Tons • Iron Golem : 38.50 Tons • Location : Forest Sugarman : Iron Golem : 7 (@Oiguana2701, @Knifeman29, @Mariogoods, @Marvel_Champion_07...
  5. DaReaperMan

    A Stats Equal Tournament: Terminated Edition: Freddy Fazbear vs Iron Golem

    Good afternoon, gentlemen, and welcome to the second match of our tournament, this should be interesting... I have already given your chosen contestants the appropriate amount of preparation and the full appearance of their opponents, I do hope they dont disappoint." "Your contestants will...
  6. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Minecraft Top Tiers Speed Upgrades

    Intro Youtube recommended was being weird, as usual, and it linked me to this little video. It made me remember that all jokes aside, Endermen do find arrows too easy to react to and avoid, no matter if it's coming from behind them or if it's moving at terminal velocity. For all intents and...
  7. GreyFang82

    Captain (NT) vs Furnace Golem

    Both 8-B (Captain scales to 12.249 Tons of TNT while Furnace Golem Scales to 27 Tons of TNT) Speed is Equal Fight takes place in a deserted minecraft village. Both start 5 meters apart Who wins and why? Captain (Nuclear Throne): 2 (Lou change, Onnakoko) Iron Golem: Inconclusive:
  8. Jackythejack

    Kirishima vs. Iron Golem

    Soooo yeah. I thought this had some debate behind it so why not make it. Speed is equalized and both are High 8-C obviously. Who wins? Eijirou Kirishima Iron Golem
  9. Jamesthetaker

    Iron Guardian VS Mutant Bugman

    Speed is equalized. In-character but willing to kill. Take place in a village. Both start 20 metres apart, otherwise SBA. Iron Golem is at High 8-C. Iron Guardia: Mutant Bugma:
  10. Kamekaizen

    Zombieman vs Iron Golem

    Scenario: While scouting the Monster Association base, Zombieman stumbles upon a group of monsters. He quickly dispatches them using his axe and his gun. But a bullet he fired pierces through a monster and goes to hit a ØÿïØÿªØÿ«Øÿ░Øÿ»-Øÿ¡ØÿªØÿÀØÿªØÿ¡ ØÿÁØÿ®Øÿ│ØÿªØÿóØÿÁ Øÿ«Øÿ░Øÿ»Øÿ┤ØÿÁØÿªØÿ│...
  11. GyroNutz

    Minecraft Key Dividers

    This is for The Player (Minecraft). His abilities should be seperated to better reflect what he can realistically get in the early game, mid game and the late game. I suggest that stuff like leather armour + wood tools + snow golems be in key 1 along with Steve's natural abilities (i.e...
  12. GyroNutz

    Minecraft Revisions: New Abilities + Keys

    Since story mode revisions are happening, I thought I'd take this chance to evaluate the in-game Minecraft mobs. No, this isn't a MHS+ revision thread so please don't bring it up here. Abilities Silverfish Pathfinding: When a silverfish is hit, it calls on other nearby silverfish. These...
  13. Jinsye

    Iron Golem vs. Golem

    More Terraria vs. Minecraft yey. Speed Equalized. They start 5 meters away from eachother. 7-C versions. Who wins? Iron Golem: 0 Golem (Terraria): 0
  14. The_Wright_Way

    An Iron Golem vs. a sports lover

    Iron Golem vs. Sportacus Both at 7-C. Speed Equalized. vs.
  15. MrKingOfNegativity

    Iron Golem VS Ent God

    Another match I have no idea why I'm posting. Rules Speed is equalized. Combatants start 25 feet apart. Winner by death. Vote Count Iron Golem: 2 (Saikou The Lewd King, Zanybrainy2000) Ent God: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  16. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Iron Golem Vs Pacifista (One piece)

    The Guardia Vs The Weapo Pre skip Pacifista Speed equal. Standard Battle Assumptions apply. However They start 5 metres away from eachother (to avoid giving the Pacifista a Extreme advantage via his few Kilometers range Laser beams)