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hulk (amadeus cho)

  1. Excellence616

    Marvel Comics: Combat Speed Upgrade For Some Characters

    Very Simple These characters in this sandbox are rated Hypersonic+ or Massively Hypersonic+ combat speed scaling from either Namor (Marvel Comics), The Thing (Marvel Comics), Hulk (Marvel Comics), or Doctor Doom who were upgraded to Relativistic+ in this thread. So the Hypersonic+ or...
  2. Excellence616

    Marvel Comics: Another Hulk and Gamma Mutates Addition.

    For Hulk Advance Magic Absorption: Devil Hulk shattered a shard that contains Nyx’s power and absorbs its power without any harm. Nyx is the Goddess of Night | Avengers: No Road Home # 6. Limited Light Manipulation: Hulk illuminates the eons-dark cosmos | Incredible Hulk #126 Advance...
  3. Excellence616

    Ability Addition For Banner/Hulk and Gamma Mutates

    For Banner Extrasensory Perception: Bruce Banner Can See Astral Projections | The Incredible Hulk #82 (Banner has the same ability. Here he is seeing the astral projection of a sorceres who was murdered and Bruce/Hulk are helping her find her killer) For Hulk After the acceptance of The Nature...
  4. The_Impress

    Marvel "Upgrades"

    So after the tier-drop from tier 5 to tier 6, alot of peak feats previously dismissed as outliers are FAR more notable, so this thread will bring them to light. Binary: So basically Binary's low end always pissed me off as she VERY blatantly shouldn't be anywhere near Thing tier. Binary very...
  5. HrishikeshM

    kid buu vs hulk (amadeus cho)

    speed equal sba Buu kid buu : amadeus cho hulk :