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holy manipulation

  1. Nullflowerblush

    "Divine Forces Manipulation" over "Holy Manipulation"

    Our current Holy Manipulation page is deeply flawed in its presentation of the ability. Firstly, the page presents Holy Manipulation as a "broad term" and simply denotes that Holy Manipulation is controlling "divine" powers without ever really going into depth about what "divine" means. The...

    God Ki Holy Manipulation

    Trunks and Goku Black referred to SSB as using divine power. Its also literally God power, and Goku had to do a ritual to gain SSG, which also counts as Blessed. Don't know if Vegeta should also get Blessed This should apply to all God Ki users except for I think Future Zamasu and Goku Black...
  3. Stefano4444

    Polytheistic Gods, Demigods and Mythical Creatures

    Do Holy Manipulation apply only to divine begins (or characters with divine power) from monotheistic religions (God, Priests and Angels), or it can be apply to entities from Polytheistic Religions (deities, demigods and mythical creatures like the minotaur/jötnar/griffin)?
  4. Edwellken

    RWFC9: The Champions

    Previous thread The group returns to the world of the tournament. Having discovered your origins, and the new powers that came along with it, the multiverse is now like an open book to be traversed. Does the secret to triumphing over the Supreme Darkness lie somewhere out there? Torchlight...
  5. Inverted_Tempest

    Elemental Manipulation Questions

    I ask if Holy Manipulation falls under Elemental Manipulation because there are a few pages that are RPG-Based that have this with Holy Manipulation under Elemental Manipulation.
  6. ZacharyGrossman273

    Yukari Fights a Low 2-C Glass Cannon

    Why not. Speed equalized. Yukari Yakumo: 0 The Player (30 Second Life): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. Post your OST.com

    Well, everythings is in the title, videogames and opening are allowed, for me its: Many of Bleach (Stand up Be strong, Jigoku theme ect...) Satsuki theme Berserk: My brother Near Theme Reborn: Assault Most of original Dragon ball theme Fairy tail: Satan soul Many Naruto theme Many Shokugeki...