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hiiragi seijuurou

  1. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Yhwach fights some diseases

    Speed Equal SBA Fatehax: COVID: Incon:
  2. Lapsad

    Most terrible passive vs Demon King

    Hiiragi vs Anos Speed equalized Anos pre-silver sea were used this is stomp match due to hiiragi passive shit
  3. Celestial_Pegasus

    The Concept of Disease vs The Scholar of Mysteries (Hiragi Seijuurou vs Yakagi Suimei)

    Both 7-C, speed equalized Starfall: Hiiragi Seijuurou: Inconclusive:
  4. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Hiiragi Seijuurou vs Kazuradrop

    Masadaverse Typhus The Traveler vs Nasuverse Cell Speed Equalized. Tier 7 key for both. Fight takes place in a Kmart. Cancer or Aids?
  5. YungManzi

    Disease Vs. Death (Hiiragi Seijuurou Vs. Yogiri Takatou)

    A Very Sick Ma A really sick perso Vs. Death Itself Speed is unequal, I can equalize it later if necessary though. I hope this isn't a stomp.
  6. Tony_di_bugalu

    This is madness!

    Well, some people said that the Emprah stomps both, dunno who could be. This is a trio and we are going to enjoy it ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) three way match with 2 rounds. They are a very sick ma , a trap and a corpse so things will get really measy and slimy here owo The trap and the sick man are...
  7. Paul_Frank

    A Sick Man vs A Slime aka Hiiragi vs Rimuru

    A really sick perso A slime boy that looks like a girl A diseased ma:3 A Slime:0 This might possibly work, probably not though. Speed equal and SBA
  8. ShiroyashaGinSan

    For Strongest 7-C Speed Equalized: Hiiragi vs Es

    Es vs Hiiragi Seijuurou Lost Memories Es used obviously SBA and speed is equalized
  9. PaChi2

    Supernatural diseases in action: Warhammer vs Masada

    Typhus the Traveller vs Hiiragi Seijuurou SBA Distance: 5m Speed equal Thoughts?
  10. Setsuna_tenma

    Battle for the strongest 7C

    Akabane vs Hiiragi speed equalized The doctor The man with every diseases
  11. Belyompusct

    Hiiragi Seijuurou vs Rimuru Tempest

    7C vs 6A Equalized Speed. SBA.
  12. Hl3_or_bust

    I Shoot Myself In The Neck For Masada's Sake (Hiiragi vs Eternum Nocturne)

    Mr. "I can stalemate 682 easily" Mr. "I stalemated an LDO membe.....wait wrong form" Battle for strongest 7-C begi.....wait this is for which verse rules a certain tier? shit (Madotsuki is safe for now ovo) >Both 7-C >Speed unequalized I also just realized a missed a golden opportunity...
  13. ALRF

    Senshinkan Resistance to Erasure

    So in here, we got Hiiragi Seijuurou] infusing his punches with Cancel Dream, Ruin Type that focuses on erasure against his son Hiiragi Yoshiya. The latter managed to resist it through his own will. It should be noted this Yoshiya was still unexperienced in Kantan and had yet to get familiar...
  14. FateAlbane

    Hiiragi Seijuurou vs Nocturne

    Current sugestions for strongest 7-C with Speed Equal. Nocturne vs Hiiragi. Who wins and why? Not taking part here, just counting votes.
  15. Seventy96

    Kars vs Hiiragi Seijuurou

    Speed equalized In character Kars has all stands Location: Dio's Mansio Kars Hiiragi Seijuurou
  16. PaChi2

    Seiji vs Gretchen

    I dont even know if this is fair since Im pretty unaware of seiji's capabilities. Anyway: Hiiragi Seijuurou vs Ultimate Kriemhild Gretche SBA Speed equal
  17. Firephoenixearl

    Medaka vs Hiiragi

    Another Part 2. I wanna see how this ends without the infamous "in character". Power Is Shit Acronym FTW. The F ya looking at? Cancer or Aids? Speed unequal. Both Bloodlusted. No PISsing. Let the "I #hate Masdaverse" Match Start!
  18. Monarch_Laciel

    Hiiragi Seijuurou vs SCP 682

    Because I'm mean The Unkillable Lizard fights a really sick guy Speed equalised
  19. Yamatoryujin

    Hiiragi Seijuurou vs Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order)

    Seijuurou Tier: Likely 7-A. Unknow with Harirankyu Name: Hiragi Seijuurou, Seiji, Harirankyu Origin: Senshinka The absolute madlad Gender: Male Age: 35 Classificatio: Human, One of the Six Forces, "Concept of Disease" (due to the countless diseases riddling his entire body and how deadly...
  20. Characters who can take Hiiragi Seijuurou's diseases and not die

    Simply put, name any character (or characters) who can take Seijuurou's diseases and not die from them. The characters in question have to be those not of Tier 2 and above. So basically anyone up to Tier 3 at the most and that's it. Hiiragi Seijuurou