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hercules (god of war)

  1. CiscoTheSoto

    Tyr vs Hercules

    Tyr vs Hercules Battle location: Valhalla Both in-character Tyr: Hercules: Inconclusive:
  2. MrLuk2000

    Can someone rank the GoW Gods in terms of weakest to strongest? Also justification rewording.

    I have been briefly going over the GoW profiles and as I was more questions have been going through my mind. I have been trying to rank the GoW gods from weakest to strongest, but as I do and I go on there are some things based on the profile that contradicts my ranking. For example: Thor being...
  3. CiscoTheSoto

    Hercules Tries His 13th Labor

    Hercules vs. Jormungandr Battle location: Asgard Both in-character Hercules: Jormungandr: Inconclusive:
  4. CiscoTheSoto

    Hercules vs Thor Rematch

    Hercules vs Thor Battle location: Asgard Both in-character Hercules: 7 (@KLOL506, @BEASTHEART880, @Eseseso, @XSOULOFCINDERX, @AThe1412, @Da3ggman, @noninho) Thor: 7 (@Planck69, @CiscoTheSoto, @Marvel_Champion_07, @Naitodesu, @Doggo, @DarlingAurora, @Sir_Marvulous) Inconclusive: 1...
  5. CiscoTheSoto

    Atreus Fights His Half-Uncle

    Atreus vs Hercules Battle location: Lake of Nine Both in-character Atreus' Shapeshifting is allowed Atreus: Hercules: 9 (@KLOL506, @SheevShezarrine, @Marvel_Champion_07, @AThe1412, @Eseseso, @AceOfSpaces3709, @SuperStar, @CiscoTheSoto, @Planck69) Inconclusive:
  6. Marvel_Champion_07

    Hercules takes on the Valkyrie Queen

    HERCULES vs GNA Fight takes place in the Arena Starting Distance: 10 meters Hercules: 1 (@GilverTheProtoAngelo) Gna: 7 (@Planck69, @BEASTHEART880, @Eseseso, @The_Axiom_of_Virgo, @KLOL506, @1st_Virtue_of_Pure_Void, @Marvel_Champion_07) Inconclusive: 0
  7. Marvel_Champion_07

    Hercules vs Freya

    HERCULES vs FREYA Fight takes place in the Arena Starting Distance: 10 meters Hercules: 0 Freya: 7 (@Planck69, @Eseseso, @Popted2, @chosen, @Peppersalt43, @Marvel_Champion_07, @KLOL506) Inconclusive: 0
  8. Marvel_Champion_07

    Nidhogg vs Hercules

    NIDHOGG vs HERCULES Starting distance of 10 meters Fight takes place in the Arena Nidhogg: 0 Hercules: 0 Inconclusive: 7 (@Planck69, @Doggo, @chosen, @BEASTHEART880, @KLOL506, @Eseseso, @Lacku)
  9. Lacku

    Hercules vs. Jörmungandr (God of War)

    So Hercules defeated Thor, but can he finish the job that Thor couldn't as his 13th labour? (Fight takes place on Mount Olympus) Hercules: GilverTheProtoAngelo, KLOL506, Marvel_Future_Fight_Gamer, Popted2, Artorimachi_Meteoraft, BEASTHEART880, Lacku Jörmungandr: Jörmungandr gets sent back...
  10. CiscoTheSoto

    God of War: Heimdall vs Hercules

    Heimdall vs Hercules Battle location: Asgard Both in-character Heimdall: 7 (@KLOL506, @BEASTHEART880, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Planck69, @Aetheric Pariah, @CiscoTheSoto) Hercules: Inconclusive
  11. CiscoTheSoto

    Thor vs Hercules

    Thor vs Hercules Battle location: Asgard Both in-character Thor: 1 (@Chianli) Hercules: 8 (@GilverTheProtoAngelo, @KLOL506, @BEASTHEART880, @Planck69, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @jojo123, @chosen, @Pokemonfan807) Inconclusive:
  12. Stefano4444

    Sigrun VS Hercules

    Who win? Hercules: 4 (Stillwinston, KLOL506, BEASTHEART880, MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer) Sigrun: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  13. Aetheric Pariah

    God of War Lifting Strength

    God of War's Lifting strength needs to be upgraded to reflect the current standing of it's universe, which is infinite. infinite This is already applied to the GoW verse. This would affect all relevant characters, but the main 2 would be Hercules and Atlas, who both lifted up the pillar and held...
  14. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Baldur vs Hercules

    Well, I would like to know how Baldur would face against some of the strongest Greek mythology entities Baldur and Hercules are both at 2-C Baldur has his spell activated The Man Who Cannot Be Killed: 1 (Naitodesu) Greek Hero: 7 (SagaTheLegend, Obi2cool4kenobi, Expectro2000xxx, Planck69...
  15. Leandro_Argolo

    Hercules (GoW) vs Broly (DBS)......yeah....i know dbs characters are overrated

    The battle takes place on Earth and there is no prep-time Speed is equalized Both are Low 2-C
  16. TheTLEReport

    Susan Strong vs Hercules (God Of War)

    Speed is equalized Both are bloodlusted R1: both in their High 6-A Tier and Hercules is barefighting Susan R2: Hercules has the Nemean Cestus and Susan is in her "Second Form" (see the episode "Reboot" on AT)