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  1. Jinsye

    SPG Robots Addition

    This will be fairly minor They should all get Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3) and Resistance to Empathic Manipulation Now the short answer is: They're robots The long answer is: Taken from Brass Goggles "Come with me I'll show you how to be a metal ma When the gears are turning and the...
  2. The_Archdemon

    Hatchworth vs. The King of Hell [GRACE]

    Let us put two barely-used characters to fight each other and see what happens. Probably nothing but oh well. The Fight This is 8-C Hatchworth and King of Hell Crowley. Speed is equalized Other than that, it is Standard Battle Assumptions for you. The votes Crowley: 0 Hatchworth: 0...
  3. Schnee_One

    I use Hatchworth for the first time ever.

    I have seriously never used a Hatchworth once and I'm actually kind of ashamed, so for the first time, I make a match of interesting proportions. Speed is equal, both are 8C. Hatchworth: Randall Flagg: 6
  4. Jinsye

    Hatchworth vs. The Hunter

    AKA another one of Weekly's surprises 8-C Who wins? Hatchworth: 0 The Hunter (Bloodborne): 0
  5. Jinsye

    Hatchworth vs. Ahzek Ahriman

    Hatchworth Fill the tank with water, turn the ignition, and Hatchy Boy you're ready to go far. Powers and Stats Tier: 8-C, potentially 5-C, 2-C with his Core, Varies, At most 1-C with summons Name: Hatchworth Origin: Steam Powered Giraffe Gender: Male Age: 120 Classification...
  6. Jinsye

    The King of Heroes vs. some silly guitar playing robot

    Steam Powered Giraffe is awesome, I wonder how combat applicable Hatch's 5-C form is. 5-C form is used for Hatch with Original Power Gilgamesh, if not combat applicable, we can switch to 8-C and see if he still stands a chance. (I actually think he might) Speed Equalized Who wins...
  7. Jinsye

    Who can beat this team..... (8-C)

    Good luck everyone! Randall Flagg Hatchworth Dr. Gii Yakagi Suimei Y'know the gist, you can pick uh... anyone that doesn't go past Tier 6? That isn't Nihilus might need to increase that. Two rounds: 1. Speed Equal 2. Speed Unequal Victory via Death or KO.
  8. Jinsye

    Randall Flagg vs. Hatchworth

    I remember this was a debate in strongest 8-C but it died. So Imma revive it. I barely know anything about either verses so this might be a stomp, IDK. Speed Equalized, both 8-C Who wins? Hatchworth: 0 Randall Flagg: 1
  9. Celestial_Pegasus

    Battle of the Strongest 8-C's

    All are 8-C, and speed is equalized of course. Hatchworth The Awake Yakagi Suimei Randall Flagg