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ego the living planet

  1. Confluctor

    Two Thor beaters duke it out (Sentry Vs Ego) (2-3-0)

    So, I was looking through Ego's file and thought, why not? He is pretty haxed. AP is more or less the same for the the being, both scaling above Thor. (Both in their 4-B key) Speed equal... Uneeded, but why not? Both have wincons. So, who wins? No MCU appearance, so he is safe: Teezar...
  2. PsychicCipher

    Permit to add new key for Ego Prime

    During the war with the First Firmament, Galactus, now the Lifebringer, brings Infinaut, Psi-Hawk and a superpowered Ego to help him fight the Aspirants. Specifically, Galactus empowered Ego with the Wellspring of Life to do this...
  3. WeeklyBattles

    Minor Ego Abilites Addition

    So turns out that when i remade Ego the Living Planet's profile, i missed a few resistances that he should have as well as some minor abilities as per having fought Galactus (Marvel Comics) numerous times. Those would be: Non-Physical Interaction (Able to physically interact with Galactus, who...
  4. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Meta Knight vs Ego

    Fight me vs 4-A versions, speed equal, Meta Knight gets 3 maxim tomatoes Meta Knight: Ego the Living Planet: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  5. AcEKim115

    A Succubus fights a planet

    Morrigan Vs. Ego, both at 3-C, equalized speed. Who wins?
  6. Maverick_Zero_X

    Ultra Sonic vs Ego

    A multiverse buster tries to bust a planet
  7. AcEKim115

    Planet Vs. Planet Eater

    Ego vs. Unicron, both at Tier 2-A and equal speed. Who wins?
  8. Jinsye

    Ego the Living Planet vs. The Phoenix

    Speed Unequal 2-A versions Who wins? Ego the Living Planet: 0 The Phoenix: 0
  9. Bobsican

    Ego the living planet Vs. Marx

    Egoism Vs. Marxism! Both at 4-A, speed equalized. The marxist The egoist Your argument is invalid. Hey, hey, hey!
  10. PsychicCipher


    I am now looking at the current events surrounding things like The First Firmament. It seems that Ego has a Prime Form that is around The Multi-Eternity's Level of Existence. So is Lifebringer Galactus, Psi-Hawk and The Infinaut. Should there be some new keys. There is also The Shaper of...
  11. Vizorus69

    Typhon VS Ego

    Typhon, the giant monster VERSUS EGO, the sentient planet. Interested in the results.
  12. LuckyCharmingStar

    Logos and Lifebringer galactus upgrade?

    Remember when The maker turned eternity into a singular being? It was confirmed to be an infinite dimensional eternity.
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Ego vs Mogo

    Battle of the 4-B MFTL+ living planets. Recent upgrades really did a number on this matchup... e
  14. FanofRPGs

    Godzilla (Composite) vs Ego the Living Planet

    Travel speed equalized. Who takes this?
  15. Cropfist

    Ego the Living Planet

    I'm concerned about Ego's stats. He has feats such as tanking an attack that hit with the power of 1,000 suns and consistently outmatching Thor, and if those aren't accepted he's officially ranked as a class 7 in strength and durability which should put him at least on Hulk's level (dwarf star)...
  16. Primaris_Brian

    Ego the Living Planet VS Narutoverse

    Battle takes place on the toriko planet with no BFR Narutoverse is allowed to use everything in their verse included the infinite tsukuyomi Who win?
  17. Pocket-Chu

    Ego, The Living Planet. What are his actual feats?

    At the dbzf forum there's this guy who's saying Ego can solo DB/Z/Super/GT and he also thinks Ego can beat Thanos and Darkseid(which is why i made that match earlier) Here are the things the guy claims Ego has done. He's strong enough to trap Galactus with his tentacles. These tentacles...
  18. Pocket-Chu

    Thanos & Darkseid VS Ego, the Living Planet

    Composite versions for both, with no cheap power-ups, and no real god form for Darkseid. vs Ego So i didn't make this battle.....so it's not my fault if this is a mismatch. I personally think the planet gets rekt but yeah....