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  1. The_Yellow_Topaz

    Let's debunk High 3-A Steven Universe

    Hello, my SPACE ROCK LESBIANS! I'm not here to fool around, the corruption hax will be downgraded. Introduction and Explanation Currently, Steven Universe is rated as High 3-A via the Diamonds' corruption ability, which has the potential to corrupt the gems, who can create dimensions who are...
  2. Flashlight237

    Addendum to Corruption Page: Glitches

    So, glitches are sometimes utilized in fiction. For example, Ashley plays with a small amount of bugginess in Warioware: Get it Together and NULL (filename2) glitches up the entire school when going after the player. You could even catch Missingno in the Generation 1 games, although the...
  3. ZespeonGalaxy

    Mario/Paper Mario/Bowser Jr Corruption Resistance

    Hey there! As I mentioned in the title, Mario has been shown to resist the black paint from color splash, this black paint in specific has took and corrupt bowser, during the near end of color splash Mario was covered in the black paint that took over Bowser. I'd like to get inputs on this and...
  4. Arcker123

    Demigra corruption

    Why is it type 1?
  5. Axxtentacle

    Type 1 Corruption isn't Corruption.

    Self-explanatory CRT. This is literally just an application of Social Influencing. Type 1 — "Natural" Corruption: Despite what the name says, it's not natural as in it just happens in nature. Natural as in the opposite of supernatural, as in no powers are required for this. Users can use their...
  6. Elizio33

    Corruption Type 1..

    Since Corruption Type 1 is more influencing people to join the user with words and being persuasive, shouldn't we remove Type 1 and count this as Social Influencing instead? Corruption Type 1 is not really a power Type 2 or 3 are. And a suggestion for the picture
  7. Yellowpig10

    plz change the image

    call me weak or petty but i think that we should really change the image on the corruption page to something less, ya know, desturbing and violent? idk maybe this is just me but i feel like the zero picture used is way too graphic
  8. Sans2345

    Minor abilitys for ao oni

    Corruption (Type 2, can make people look like a oni), Body Control (Can move his mouth more larger than a Human)
  9. Elizio33

    Corruption for some marvel characters

    Some characters should have Corruption on their profiles. The First Firmament Chaos King (Marvel) The Infinity Gauntlet Apocalypse (Marvel Comics) Gorr The God Butcher And likely many others...
  10. Elizio33

    Corruption for some DC Comics characters

    Following this thread: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2360757 Some characters should have Corruption on their profiles. Darkseid Nekro Barbatos Tell me if other characters should also have this ability.
  11. Elizio33

    Corruption for Barbatos

    Shouldn't Barbatos have Corruption his profile? He has corrupted and mutated Hawkman into his "dragon". He has likely corrupted Hawkgirl by infecting her with dark metal (Nth Metal). In Hawkman Found, this villain (Apparently Barbatos) in this scan...
  12. Elizio33

    Corruption for some character

    Some character in some verses need this ability on their profiles. All the Makuta are able to infect Kanohi. The Overlord (Ninjago) via Dark Matter and Breath Attack can corrupt even the most-hearted beings. Oryx, the Taken King can corrupt others by "taken them" The First Firmament has...
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Corruption for Xenoverse characters

    It's the end of the world. Cal is upgrading Dragon Ball. In addition to mind manipulation, Supervillain Mode and Villainous Mode qualifies as this. So Demigra, Towa, Fu, etc. should have this.