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  1. Omegas03

    Jiren (and UI Sign Goku) revision plus range upgrade for DBS god tiers.

    I am not implying Jiren is stronger than Beerus here, but since he scales above Belmod; both him and Third Omen Goku should get also an at least Low 2-C rating. Edit: also advocating for everyone who scales to the GoDs (UI Goku, Jiren, Gogeta and Broly) to get their range upgraded to Low...
  2. Omegas03

    Question regarding Beerus and Champa shared feat

    As far as I am aware these are all the characters that scale to the 2-C shared feat of the GoDs: -Angels. -Gogeta Blue. -FPSSJ Broly -UIS and MUI Goku. -Jiren. -the 12 GoDs. Does anybody else scale? Because I've seen people claiming that SSB Goku and Vegeta also backscale from it. I guess...
  3. Omegas03

    Goku vs. Champa.

    UI Omen 3 Goku vs. Champa. So... yeah, who is winning this?
  4. Mulgara

    Set (Mythology) vs Champa (Dragon Ball Super)

    This is the battle between Set, the Egyptian God and Champa the God of Destruction of Universe 6 Conditions: Speed Equalized (This had to be done because Set apparently ranges from MFTL to nigh-omnipresent depending on how you view Set while Champa is MFTL+ irregardless. Not setting this...
  5. Iisdude1

    Crazy gods

    Champa vs Discord Speed equalized Low 2-C discord Cat: Discord:4
  6. Lord_JJJ

    Beerus VS Flandre Scarlet (Brothers/Sisters Edition)

    Both are low 2C and speed is equalized So after Beerus lose again Flandre, Will Champa take revenge for his brother or he will meet the same fate? A fat purple cat A little cute vampire :
  7. JohnCenaNation

    Why aren't the God of Destructions Tier 2-C: Low Multiverse level?

    SSJG Goku and Beerus fist bumping was warranted a universe level due to them threatening to destroy universe 7 during their fight. Beerus and Champa on the other hand was warranted a universe+ level despite them fist bumping threatening to destroy universe 6 and universe 7 during their fight...
  8. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Very Important Dragon Ball Super Revision (Continued)

    Continued from here . The original thread got massively derailed, so i'll repost my proposals. Original Topic For what the purpose of this thread is for, the revision would be discussing the legitimacy of the DBS cosmology. If whether the universe's in the Dragon Ball Multiverse are in their...
  9. Mickey1940

    DBZ God Tier upgrade?

    http://i.imgur.com/rQwHfTi.png This is what Vados says what will happen if Beerus and Champa fight each other Zeno is 2C because he destroyed multiple separate universes Last I checked, 2 Low 2Cs can't perform a 2C feat, yet destroying Universe 6 and 7 at the same time is a 2C feat so should...
  10. Zamasu_Chan

    Goku Fights for his life

    Enraged UI Goku vs Beerus, Champa and Belmod Speed not equal. Killing Kais are banned. I WILL NOT LET YOU DESTROY MY WORLD! Goku: GoDs: Incon: mismatch
  11. Oloserian

    Gods of Destruction

    So the Gods of Destruction are rated as low 2-C, the only reasonable justification I could find on their profile was "should be comparable to Infinite Zamasu". What feats have they performed that put them remotly near Infinite Zamasu?
  12. Mister_Death

    Champa vs Jiren

    Round 1: Full Power Jiren Round 2: Hidden power released Jiren. Champa is lusted for both rounds.
  13. Twisted_Little_Raven

    Should hakai from dragon ball be used in vs matches?

    This is the most flawed existence erasure attack I have ever seen tbh. It's been proven to not work on people on at least the same level. Belmod isn't erasing jiren or macarita, he simply can't. Hakai energy can be withstood and overpowered. So if hakai only works on something with less energy...
  14. LordWhis

    Vegeta Vs Champa

    Round 1: Speed not equalised Round 2: Speed equalised. Have At Thee !
  15. Lakesteve44

    How strong is God of Destruction candidate Toppo compare to other Gods of Destruction?

    We know that Toppo tansformed into a god of destruction, but the question is how powerful is he compare to other Gods of Destruction?
  16. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Dragon Ball Super vs Beyblade! All GoDs vs.....an evil spinning top and it's owner

    I know this match can't be added, but, I wanted to do this so badly sooo making it. Hopefully it should be fair ovo All Gods of Destruction vs Rago and Diablo Nemesis Hmph. You little worms. You call yourself gods but lets see how you fair against the TRUE God...
  17. HrishikeshM

    about god of destruction feat...

    it is written in their profiles that "should any two GoDs fight, the collateral damage will result in the destruction of their respective universes." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr3Q27F5bqI @1:47 this is a 2-c feat. previously it was not known if they were able to affect spacetime or not...
  18. Sidali891

    A Question about Certain GoD's

    Vados stated that if Beerus and Champa fought, it would mean the annihilation of both U6 and U7 as a side effect. The ENTIRETY of said universes, which would mean the afterlifes would be annihilated as well. Zen'o is placed at 2-C not for destroying the universes since they're regarded as a...
  19. Dragonmasterxyz

    Hakai Revision

    So the only reason I made this thread is simply because if we didn't make this thread now, It would flood the Tournament of Power Revision and cause it to be derailed horribly. So let's just settle this here. So Ryukama made an actually very well made arguement in which he came up with the...
  20. LordGriffin1000

    Champa and Grand Priest Power & Abilities (super minor)

    Alright so in dragon ball super episode 91 we can see the god of destruction of universe 9 use Hakai on an entire city along with everyone inside. So now we know this power is not exclusive to just Beerus so now I think we can get rid of the "possibly" on Champa's Powers & Abilities and just...
  21. LordGriffin1000

    Cell & Champa's Powers & Abilities

    So on Champa's list of powers & abilities he has some of the same ones beerus has so I was wondering if he should also have Beerus's possibly able to erase beings from existence and the ability to harm intangible beings and destroy souls. I know he's never shown Beerus's Hakai ability but since...
  22. RadicalMrR

    Dragon Ball Top and God Tier small revision

    So in episode 28 of DBS as well as in the Manga it was stated by Whis and Vados that if the two fought both universe 6 and 7 would be destroyed before we assumed that they were connected to one another. Thing is ever since episode 47 we've known it wasn't the case since Zeno has destroyed 6...
  23. MeleeniumRXJ

    Fusion Zamasu vs Champa

    I would have used Beerus instead for this thread, but he has plenty of vs threads and Champa has none. So I think he deserves some. Plus, he's the weakest of the God-Tiers. The way Vegeta and Goku reacted to Fusion Zamasu power, implies that it's the strongest power they've ever sensed. So...
  24. BruceTheBatman

    Champa downgrade

    This downgrade is not so much a downgrade in stats as it is a slight nerf in stats and overall, but it should be noted IMO 1) that it was stated that he's got low stamina since he's out of shape, which according to Vados IICR made him. Saying his stamina is unknown is a bit out of place. He...
  25. PaChi2

    Beerus weakness?

    "If the Kaioushin of the respective dimension is killed, so is the God of Destruction" could be regarded as a weakness of Beerus, Champa and the others? Maybe its not very useful in battles, but its quite important for their profiles imo.
  26. Pasacon

    Beerus and Champa Upgrade

    one of the reasons why Zeno is Tier 2 is because Beerus states that he could destroy all 12 Universes in an instant right? Also, are we assuming each Universe has its own Space Time Continuum? Cause Zeno wouldn't be 2-C if all Universes shared the same Time Space, the point I'm getting at is...
  27. AllFiction


    Someone can calculate the speed of reaction of Champa and Vados?. they reacted to a Super dragon ball that crossed "one universe" in seconds apparently.
  28. Yojimbo1989

    An edit to Champa's page

    So it seems that on Champa's page it says "Champa is set to appear in Dragon Ball Super", this should be changed to "Champa is a character in Dragon Ball Super" or "Champa is a character in the manga/anime series Dragon Ball. He first appears in Dragon Ball Super", given how he's been in it for...
  29. Deathstar786

    Dragon Ball Chou/Super Manga Chapter 6 #Spoilers!

    OMG...Combining 2 earths with the help of Super Dragon Balls..Champa Have 6 of them..Beerus had to find the last one... Planet size Dragon Balls....New characters with some all knowing being.. Majin Buu ad Piccolo in Beerus Team. Goku refuses to add Gohan because he is a father and he have to...
  30. Valar_Melkor_2

    Prime Melkor vs Dragon Ball Gods

    Melkor vs Beerus, Whis, Champa and Vados.