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  1. Churronzon

    Funny Valentine(JoJo) vs Carissa (Toaru)

    Location: United Kingdom. Speed unequalized. Starting distance: 25 meters. No knowledge or prep time. Victory conditions: Death or incap. Both are in character. Profiles: The 23rd U.S President vs British princess. Valentine is in his second key that has Love Train. Carissa is in her first key...
  2. Nicetoderp

    Local Hobo try to stop a princess from making UK great again. (Eiji Hino VS Carissa.)

    During the clusterfuck that is the coup d'etat of UK. Everything goes as normal except for the teeny tiny bit where the wandering hobo decide to intervene. By some divine Intervention, Eiji managed to find the princess one on one without any of her allies nearby. He would 'kindly' ask her to put...
  3. Phoenks

    (High 6-C Tourn R1 M3) Stella Vermillion vs Carissa (2-7-0) ??.

    Stella Vermillio vs Carissa Seven Stars Sword Art Festival Arc for Stella They start 35 meters away. Speed Equalized Bracket for Tournament Tournament Thread
  4. Champion234

    Gerard Valkyrie vs Carissa

    Gerard Valkyrie vs Carissa Who do you think wins? Mountain level Gerard and speed equalized
  5. Overlord775

    Meliodas Vs Issei

    Prime Assault Mode Prime Meliodas Vs Pseudo DxD Issei Speed equalized Perverted Demon: 0 Lewd Dragon: 2 (Vergil, Dragon) Inconclusive:0
  6. Kaltias

    Carissa's All Dimensions Severing Spell

    It shouldn't be High 1-C. High 1-C is for multiverse busters, the All Dimensions Severing Spell is 11-D Spatial Manipulation, so it's hax. It should simply be noted in her Notable Attacks/Techniques that it works up to 11-D
  7. Schnee_One

    Issei vs Carissa (To Aru)

    How no one did this is beyond me. Speed is Equal obv. Curtains Original Carissa, 100 meters Issei Hyoudou: 3 Carissa:
  8. Schnee_One

    Hot Blonde vs Moosemon

    Wanted to see this thread for a while since Dragon suggested it. Speed is Equal, High 6C for both (Curtana Original Carissa), both at 100 Meters Carissa: Moosemo: 1
  9. Yomi_Schwarz

    Carissa vs Escanor

    Which Arrogant Bastard Wins? Conditions -Speed Equal -Both are in character but willing to kill -Carissa is using Curtana Original -Escanor is at his Peak Strength (The One) and can retain this form for the entire fight -They Start 50 metres away from each other -Fight takes place in...
  10. Yomi_Schwarz

    Carissa vs Gin

    Conditions -Speed Equal -Gin starts in Bankai -Carissa is using Curtana Original -6-C versions
  11. ZERO7772

    Carissa VS Arturia

    Craissa Arturia VS...
  12. Yomi_Schwarz

    Natsu Dragneel vs. Carissa

    Conditions -Speed Equal -Peak natsu (high 6-C) Seven Flames Drago -Carissa with Curtana original (6-C) -Starts 20 metres apart -In character but willing to kill
  13. LordAizenSama

    ToAru revisions part 1

    Since I am not satisified with the rebukes from answers in the previous thread I figured I would just make it again. (https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/982229) Tier 1 ToAru. Now, everyone should know by now that Toaru consists of 11 dimensions due to teleporters using it as a go between. This...
  14. Celestial_Pegasus

    Tio Clarce vs Carissa

    Both in character Carissa is with Curtana Original Tio is End of series Speed Equalized Battle takes place in the UK Who Wins? Tio: 2 Carissa: Inconclusive:
  15. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Carissa vs. Kazuma Kuwabara

    Yes, just because they can cut through dimensions. The fight takes place in an abandoned city. Carissa: 1 Kuwabara: Standard Battle Assumptions This is Carissa with Curtana Original and Chapter Black Kuwabara. Who wins?
  16. Kazuma Kuwabara vs Carissa

    Kazuma Kuwabara vs Carissa Fight takes place in front of the Buckingham Palace. Chapter Black Arc Kazuma, Curtana Original Carissa Standard Assumptions for the rest.