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britain (arthur kirkland)

  1. Jackythejack

    Natsu Dragneel fights the British Empire

    Uuuuuuh yeah. Fun times, isn't it? Speed is gonna be equalized here of course. Fight takes place in the Siberian Wilderness, and England gets aboooout half an hour of prep. Who wins? Natsu Dragneel Arthur Kirkland
  2. Pepper14832

    Thanos (MCU) vs Britain (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

    Setting: UK - Specifically England. 30 feet apart. Large 6-B versions. Speed Equal. Britain Immortality disabled. (This version of Thanos is like the begining of Infinity War) Win Via KO/Incapcitation/Death. Britain: 0 Thanos: 0...
  3. Pepper14832

    A genocidal Archangel out to destroy Humans vs The Greatest Empire Humanity has even seen.

    Avacy vs England Both Low 6-B versions, Speed Equalized Fight begins at Buckingham Palace, Avacyn attempts to take the Queen's life but Britain intervenes to save mum. Win by KO, Incaptication, or Death Avacyn: 0 England: 0 There aren't many enemies I, the great British Empire...
  4. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Shao Kahn declares war on Britain and Outworld becomes an Axis power gg

    Unrestricted Kahn, speed equalized. Shao Kah: 4 Britain (Arthur Kirkland):
  5. Pepper14832

    A ramen eating fanatic vs A posh British man who drinks tea

    So yeah I never did a Naruto fight. Naurto Uzumaki (Low 6-B) vs Britain (Low 6-B obv) No knowledge or prep. Speed Equalized Win by Death/KO Naruto: 0 Britain: 0 Huh, what didya say? What's America? You have the same table manners as America... *sigh*
  6. Pepper14832

    Revived Superman (DCEU) vs The Allies (Hetalia)

    Setting: New York City Context: The allies arrive hearing news that Superman was revived, yet find the Justice League KO'd from an out of control Superman. Task: The Allies attempt themselves to take on Superman.Their only warning is "He's stronger than before" from Batman before he passes...
  7. Pepper14832

    Arthur Kirkland (Britain) vs Wonder Woman (DC Extended Universe)

    A Demi-God vs A country. Speed is equalized both are 6-B forms, Britain's immortality is disabled. Setting is in themyscira, although it is neutral (such as a field) Wonder Woman orders the "man" to leave, but Britain here is claim the Island in the name of the British Empire. Wondy doesn't...
  8. Pepper14832

    "Monkey D. Luffy vs Britain (4-2-0)

    Speed Equalized Britain's immortality hax is disabled. Low 6-B versions here. Britain is after him because of his large bounty that he will collect for Her Majesty! SBA. Win by Death. Britain: 2 (BraginskiBackup, Iapitus The Impaler ) There aren't many enemies I, the great British...
  9. Pepper14832

    Would this qualify as a simple light attack?

    If so, what should I put on the profile? Light Manipulation?
  10. Pepper14832

    Britain (Hetalia) vs Father (FMA:B)

    Speed Equalized, 6-B Human Form, Father. There aren't many enemies I, the great British Empire, can't defeat! Win by Death Britain: 0 Father: 0
  11. Pepper14832

    Britain (Hetalia) vs Piccolo (Dragon Ball)

    Both Low-6-B Obv Speed Equalized either Britain Speed Blitzes Settings: Midlands England (So, pretty hilly country-side) Whoever KO/Dies first wins. Alright, who's it gonna be. Britain: 1 Piccolo: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Britain_(Arthur_Kirkland)...
  12. Pepper14832

    Doomsday (DC Extended Universe) vs Britain (Hetalia: Axis Powers)

    Place of Battle: Greater London Specific Location: Buckingham Palace Reason for battle: Doomsday has wrecked London's Parliment and other notable landmarks. British Nuclear Forces are unable to kill Doomsday and the Queen hasn't evacuated yet. Doomsday comes to Buckingham Palace to kill her...
  13. Pepper14832

    Hetalia Information Manipulation (Britain & France Only)

    It's not really a big deal but this whole strip (very short) explains how France & Britain manpulate information. Thoughts? Can this be applied to them? http://www.hetarchive.net/scanlations/nonlinear.php?rkgk15
  14. Pepper14832

    Britain (Arthur Kirkland) vs Russia (Ivan Branski)

    Alright. These so far are one of the strongest countries in Europe (irl & in Hetalia) So, who will win this? Both have the most hax & abilities out of all the current Hetalia profiles Gonna put bloodlust on this. No prep! Britain: Russia: 1 (Loyalservanttofinti)...
  15. ZacharyGrossman273

    Rainbow Dash (MLP) VS Britain (Hetalia)

    Speed equalized. 7-A versions. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Britain_(Arthur_Kirkland)
  16. Pepper14832

    Britain's Mass Manipulation (Hetalia)

    So, I have a video/manga example of Britain using magic to shrink France to the size of a child. He wanted people to see their "Chibi" versions and Britain pretty much agreed. I haven't seen him do this any other time. So I'm assuming this would be similar to Brandish from Fairy Tail except that...