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  1. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter 6: Classic Characters Updates

    Here we are fighters! After making profiles for the new characters, who will soon be joined be the newcomer A.K.I., it's time to take care of the old guard too. Unfortunately the game didn't give them much, at least in terms of feats and P&A, but there's stuff to cover nonetheless. I'm not going...
  2. CrackerVolley

    Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Man? (Chantel Dubois vs Blanka) [Complete]

    Dubois only gets 3 darts for her tranquilizer gun. Blanka-chan dolls are restricted (yeah, they're not optional equipment yet until SF6 is released, but they will be. For future reference, act as this is his SFV version). Fight takes place 10m apart at Hillside Plaza. Speed Equal "Freebird"...
  3. N-nani

    Blanka vs Minilla

    Blanka: 2 Minilla: Incon: Speed is equal fight is on a empty monster island Blanka scales to .04 Tons and can boost his stats, while Minilla can output .063 Tons from his size Blanka hitches a ride on the wrong plane. Instead of going to Japan, to fight E. Honda in the World Warrior...
  4. SamanPatou

    Blanka vs Reptile

    Shao Kahn is trying to invade another Earthrealm, but he still needs to abite to the rules of Mortal Kombat. But since he doesn't play fair, he plans to assassin the fighters of this world before the beginning of the tournament. Learning that one of them lives in the jungle, he sends Reptile...
  5. SamanPatou

    Stilt-Man vs Blanka

    Such a weird match up, isn't it? Blanka and his mama went to the make to do some shopping, when suddenly a tall man clad in metal bursts out from a store, holding a bag of money in his hands and spreads panic all over the street. Blanka: Uuuh uuuh! Blanka don't like thieves! I have to stop bad...
  6. SamanPatou

    Street Fighter Big Revision. Part 1

    Sooo, after a very long time (almost a year) I'm finally able to initiate this CRT, which will be divided in three parts for the sake of order and to avoid confusion and chaos. I'm leaving here a quick timeline and summarization of Street Fighter canon made by me, which I could put in a blog...
  7. JordanLovesLizards

    Beast Boy (Teen Titans) vs Blanka

    Low 7-C for both characters. Speed equalized. Beast Boy (Teen Titans) - 0 Blanka - 0 Debate on!
  8. Nkstjoa

    Is Blanka actually immune or resistant to electricity?

    Just a thought, but while it's often assumed that due to his electrical attacks and abilities that Blanka is by default immune or at the very least resistant to electricity man-made or otherwise, I can't recall any actual instances or examples where Blanka demonstrated either. Putting aside...
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Pikachu vs Blanka

    The fight continues! With the recent SF upgrades, is the man going to beat the mouse with his vastly superior strength? Will the mouse's speed give him the win? Or will it be an eternal stalemate? This was only positive thing you saw before you jumped into hell.