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billie lurk

  1. Stillwinston

    To the town of Karnaca rode a stranger one fine day

    Alright I'm gonna try another match for Courier, Emily was alright lets see how this one goes. Plot: Courier is taking a package to someone in Karnaca, Billie wants it cause reasons. Speed is equalised Courier is 9-A Billie's second key is being used Billie's optional equipment is allowed...
  2. Arcker123

    Twin Bladed Knife CRT

    "Limited Name Stealing (Type 3; The Twin-Bladed Knife was used "to cut" The Outsider's name away tearing it away and making The Outsider what he is, which was returned to him, "unmaking him", either through the stab of the Twin-Bladed Knife or through the dead speaking his name back to him) via...
  3. Arcker123

    Dishonored Time Stop Potency

    Hello, thought there was not going to have to be another Dishonored CRT, but I had a thought about this and realized I had to make another CRT. Today I am here to discuss Dishonored time stop potency Baseline So first off, all characters can move within the void, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Time in the...
  4. Billie Lurk vs Travis Touchdown

    Billie Lurk v Travis Touchdown Speed equal. Fight takes place in an open field. Standard equipment. Death of the Outsider Key used. Billie,Slayer of the Outsider.Bane to the Hat woman and Breaker of Legion Travis, Demonslayer and Destroyer of the Makyr’s Chosen: Incon:
  5. Arcker123

    Dishonored Novel Additions

    Hello everyone, it has come to my attention that there are dishonored novels containing way more abilities for the characters, so I went out of my way to obtain a copy of the corroded man novel and I have compiled a list of abilities to add to profiles. Semi Spoilers for the book below...
  6. Legionis vs Billie Lurk

    Legionis V Billie Lurk Speed equal. Standard equipment. Legion allowed (if stomp then no). 9-A keys used,first 9-A key for Billie. Master of the Astral Chain,Slayer of Hank and elite corp of the legion: Slayer of the Outsider, Hat girl’s bane: Incon:
  7. Dargoo_Faust

    Femme Fatal: Rayne vs. Billie Lurk

    Request from our new content moderator! Before ya'll get funny ideas, Billie's High 3-A AP and regen negation all operate on a sword that can be parried/blocked by normal swords like anything else. This is Death of the Outsider Billie, Speed is Equalized. Battle takes place in Dunwall, at the...