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berserk (verse)

  1. Phoenks

    Kirei Kotomine vs Guts

    Kirei Kotomine vs Guts (End of Golden Age Arc) Kirei's tier-jumping boosts are restricted, but he is allowed to amp his strength. Speed is equalized. Both combatants start 50m away from one another. Kirei's AP: 0.03 Tons Guts' AP: 0.04 Tons Guts holds the AP Advantage by a difference of 1.33x~...
  2. Phoenks

    Guts vs Kirito (7-0-0) GRACE

    Aincrad Kirito from Floors 29-45 vs Guts (End of Golden Age Arc) Both are 9-A. The battle starts 30m away in a plain grass field. Speed is equalized. Who wins? Guts: 7 Kirito: Inconclusive:
  3. N_Kardashev

    Guts vs Saya

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Guts https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saya_Kisaragi Both strictly at 9-A Speed equalized Guts: Saya: Incon:
  4. SpiteBattles

    The Helltaker vs Guts

    Plot:after Guts finds out about Helltaker’s Demon Harem,he goes after them. However,The Helltaker stands in his way. •Beginning of golden age Guts is used(9B) •Helltaker is 9B •Speed is equal •Guts only has his Giant Broadsword and leather armor,nothing else. •Both bloodlusted •Takes place in...
  5. ShivaShakti

    Berserk Chapter 364 Discussion

    I really hope i'm not the only one bawling my eyes out at the moment.
  6. Pokemonfan807

    Guts fights Satan himself (Berserk vs Cuphead)

    Guts hates demons and decides to kill the devil/satan himself. Guts: 6 (Actually i consider it 5 because i'm not sure EliminatorVenom actually voted) The Devil Rules: 9-A for both (End of Golden Age Guts will be Used) Both have knowledge of each other The Devil is Bloodlusted battle takes...
  7. Jamesthetaker

    Z23 VS Guts

    Speed equalized. Starting distance is 50m, otherwise SBA Base Z23 scales to 332.13 tons of TNT Berserker Armor Guts are used so he scales above 119.07 tons of TNT Who win and why? Z23: Guts:
  8. BoastJr

    A possible berserk crt? a minor upgrade for the GodHand

    Hi , I am new here and I made this thread because I noticed an interesting feat in berserk taken from chapter 142 where guts encounters Skull Knight. The Knight of Skull (Skull knight) talks about the God hand members being "huge bodies of thought". I think this might qualify them for Abstract...
  9. Dunno6988

    Berserk Verse VS Warhammer Fantasy Verse

    Berserk VS Warhammer Fantasy
  10. iruhamu

    Guts (Berserk) vs. Kirito IRL (SAO)

    A random guy from facebook says Kirito IRL can beat Guts using his martial art skill, so i decided to make this thread Guts VBS profile Kirito Post-Aincrad VSB profile
  11. Rikimarox2

    Guts vs Yujiro Hanma

    I probably gave a heart attack to someone with this title. Anyways, been hearing a lot of stuff on both sides, especially when it comes to skill. So, I hope it's not a stomp or something. The strongest version of both is used. Speed NOT equalized. Guts: 1 (@Naitodesu) Yujiro Hanma: 4...
  12. ShivaShakti

    Guts vs Homelander

    End of the Golden Age Guts vs Homelander from the TV adaptation. Speed is equalized, and both start in 6 feet of eachother. In this scenario we'll say Homelander stands in place of Griffith as the one who killed the Band of the Hawk, and Guts is acting as a stand in Billy Butcher. He tracks...
  13. CuddleFox

    Cloud (Midgar) vs Guts (End of Golden age)

    Cloud (Midgar) vs Guts (End of Golden age) Speed Equalized. Guts -Scales to Wyald, who scales to 182 400 000 J -Has his Dragon Slayer and his Hand Cannon, which make him stomp enemies he is normally even with and allow him to attack at long range. Cloud -Scales to 645 627 859 J. (Go take a...
  14. Chariot190

    Extremely suspect Berserk addition.

    Well, I was rereading Berserk and uh, something hit me, Femto should have corruption, Type 2, for uh, raping Casca and corrupting the unborn child into that of a demon. Look I didn't wanna do it, but it be like it do, Femto has corruption via rape, literal demon semen. As fucked as it may be, it...
  15. SheevShezarrine

    Potential Berserk God Tiers Upgrade

    I briefly discussed this with SpookyShadow; as evidenced by Skellig's differing flow of time, and the Misty Valley's purported differing flow of time back when it was a major Interstice inhabited by the Elves, the Astral World may have a different space-time continuum from that of the physical...
  16. The_Pink_God

    Hank vs Guts (Grace)

    SBA End of Golden Age Guts and MC 7 Hank will be used Hank will be fully equipped Speed Equalized Hank J. Wimbleton: 7 Vs Guts
  17. KLOL506

    Berserk author Kentaro Miura has passed away.

    This may come as a shock to you all, but Kentaro Miura, the legendary author of Berserk, is no longer with us. Official tweet in Japanese confirming his death: https://www.cnet.com/news/kentaro-miura-the-creator-of-berserk-has-passed-away/...
  18. SheevShezarrine

    Doomguy vs Guts

    Doomguy vs Guts Both 9-A Speed equal Post-Eclipse Guts Fight takes place on top of Temen-ni-gru Boomer: Doomer: Inconcoomer:
  19. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Big Chungus vs Guts

    ahehehehehehehehehe Big Chungus Vs Guts Weakest 9-B key used for Guts. Speed equal. Fight takes place in the imposter space shuttle. Guts: Chungus:
  20. Lormac_CC

    Griffith vs Gojo Satoru

    Griffith vs Gojo Speed Equalized Bloodlust https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Griffith https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Satoru_Gojo?mobile-app=false
  21. Unwanteduser48

    Unpopular Opinions 2: Back to My Thread land

    My Unpopular opinion: 1. Cowboy Bebop is Overrated: 2. Sucking chocolate is better than chewing it 3. "If you don't work hard you'll be a garbage collector" is bullshit and stupid as well. Garbage collectors have a workers union, have insurance, and make on average over 25 dollars an hour 4...
  22. SheevShezarrine

    Guts vs Cloud

    Cloud has a 9-A key now, so ig it's time for a battle between 2 of Japan's most iconic BFS Boys Post-Eclipse Guts vs Midgar Cloud Speed equalized for obvious reasons Fight starts at 5m away In-character
  23. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Guts vs Seishorou Shishirui

    Seishorou Shishirui V Guts All optional equipment. Speed Equal. Fight takes place in a forest. Note: Gut’s blows are dealt to the soul as well, negging Seish’s High-Mid. Skill.jpg (Guts): 2 Femboy Samurai: Incon: Yes I know a CRT is gonna happen for Seishorou but Guts resists 90% of...
  24. SheevShezarrine

    A Tale of Two Demon-Slaying Anime Boys With Big Swords

    Guts vs Dante 8-A Guts vs at least 8-B Dante Guts can enter Berserker state if pushed hard enough, this rule will be axed if it results in a stomp, but probably won't since Dante's got some good hax so plenty of wincons Devil Trigger restricted cuz that obviously results in AP stomp Speed...
  25. SheevShezarrine

    Guts vs Tanjirou

    Guts vs Tanjirou Kamado Black Swordsman Guts vs Demon Tanjirou Guts can access Berserker Armor if pushed far enough and if it doesn't result in a stomp Speed equalized
  26. SheevShezarrine

    Femto vs The Dovahkiin

    The only match I could really think of that was fair for both of them, given their OP causality fuckery 7-B Femto vs Low 7-B Dovahkiin, subject to change since they're so haxxed that their AP isn't even all that relevant imho ¯\(ツ)/¯ I'd guess next best choice would be 7-A Femto vs High 6-A or...
  27. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Guts vs Izuko Gaen (Guts can’t stop respecting women)

    Until the other match gets a calc,this is our best bet. Guts (<100k joules, Scaling to bears) v Izuko Gaen (465k joules) SPEED EQUAL EARLY GUTS USED STANDARD EQUIPMENT,IZUKO HAS HER WOODEN SWORD PRIOR KNOWLEDGE GIVEN FOR BOTH COMBATANTS PLACE OF BATTLE: BAMBOO FOREST Izuko: Guts...
  28. Naitodesu

    The Black Swordsman vs The First Demon Slayer

    Black Swordsman Guts (Berserk) vs Yoriichi Tsugikuni (Demon Slayer) Speeds are equalized Both are 8-A Battle takes place in an open field with both 10 meters apart Guts is already in Berserk Armor Guts: Yoriichi:
  29. SheevShezarrine

    What characters are a good matchup againt Berserk's God Hand?

    Title sums it up. The God Hand currently are pretty powerful in terms of AP and speed, but nothing too busted on that front. The real kicker comes from their slew of offensive and defensive hax. What are some characters (of any tier) that can put up a good fight against them?
  30. SheevShezarrine

    The Ghost of Tsushima vs The Hundred-Man Slayer

    Jin Sakai vs Guts Both 9-B Speed not equalized (same ballpark) Jin's versatility vs Guts' probability manip safety net, who wins and why?
  31. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Kowalski vs Guts

    Kowalski,analysis No one can escape the winds of causality,Skipper Kowalski vs Guts Speed equal. All optional equipment(can be restricted if needed) Starting distance is 10 meters. Guts has prior knowledge of who Kolwaski is and what he can do. Kowalski: Guts: Incon:
  32. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Guts vs KARARARZUMA Kiryu

    It’s about to go down. Kazuma Kiryu vs Guts Speed Equal. All optional equipment. Starting distance is 10 meters. Fight takes place in a rooftop at some anime convention or something. 9-A keys used Guts: Kazuma: incon:
  33. A_Hero_Long_Forgotten

    Fate of the Strange - Doctor Strange vs Femto

    Combatants are in character with only the barest prior knowledge. Femto knows he’s against a magician of sorts and Strange is aware that he faces a powerful astral existence. Speed is equalized. Post-Infinity War Strange. Location is The Shivering Isles. Doctor Strange: 0 Femto: 0...
  34. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Guts vs B O R N I N T H E U S A

    Jacket(Hotline Miami) vs G u t s Guts isn’t a true P A T R I O T. Jacket gets sent out to silence the UNAMERICAN and COMMUNIST European speed equal. All optional equipment (so long as it isn’t too OP). 9-B keys used. Fight takes place in a village. Both are equal in AP(scale to head...
  35. AngeronTheSkyHighAnger

    Put your Grasses on VS. You're gonna have a bad time

    Battle of two characters that have a very memey catchphrase Guts VS. Sans Guts with the Berserker Armor is being used Speed is equalized Battle takes place in the hallway where Frisk and Sans fight Battle Music
  36. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Schierke vs Harry Potter

    Fitting match up. Can’t spell her fucking name. vs Rad hax speed equal. Fight takes place in a a large medieval city. All optional equipment and both are at their prime. Can bloodlust or switch to Voldemort to make things fair. Harry: Shrek: Incon:
  37. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Guts vs Sandy Cheeks (Spongebob v Berserk)

    le epic funny matchup. Both are relatively unhaxxed,so I thought it would work. Sandy Cheeks vs Guts 8-A keys used. All optional equipment given (no shrieke doesn’t count). Speed equal. Guts (Scales above 115 tons) Sandy(Scales to 215 tons)
  38. SpookyShadow

    Sasaki Kojiro vs Guts

    Two great manga sword users. Could have been Musashi but I'd rather give Kojiro a match, he's bit more interesting in VS Setting. Golden Age Arc Guts, obviously Kojiro in 9-B. Guts scales to being far above cutting through thick triple-plated armors, Kojiro is superior to Denshichiro who could...
  39. AngeronTheSkyHighAnger

    Demon Slayer meets a Denizen of Hell

    Guts VS Alastor Both have their 8-A keys used Guts has the Berserker armor equipped Speed is equalized SBA is taken into account
  40. Shmooply

    Two beloved vegetables duke it out

    A potato has a deadly encounter with a powerful bean. Both are at 9-B Speed's equalized Casca has her horse and knows what is Killer Bean's equipment and how do they work SBA. Casca: 0 Bean: 1 Incon: 0
  41. AngeronTheSkyHighAnger

    The Battle for the Strongest non-smurf High 7-C

    Femto VS Han Jee-Han High 7-C Femto is being used and Fourth key Han Jee-Han is used Speed is equalized SBA is taken into account
  42. DemonGodMitchAubin

    Guts vs Homura (Celebrating an upgrade)

    Let's celebrate Guts getting upgraded to 8-A! Black Swordsman Guts vs Homura Kōgetsu (At least 119.07 Tons vs 530.13 Tons) Guts starts in Base, but can use the Berserker Armor when he wants Speed Equalized Battle takes place in a huge plain Both in character Guts: 7 (Wrath of Itachi...
  43. Unwanteduser48

    Gamers trying to kill Kars and his boys (Featuring Dio and his dudes from Part 1)

    No, most of the characters are from the Anime category but still, they do deserve to be Gamers: Gamers: JoJo vampires: Master Chief (8-C then 8-A)...
  44. Unwanteduser48

    Unpopular Opinion: my own version

    My Unpopular opinion: I like JoJo but not at all: The writer is inconsistent with the world he created. In Johnathan saga, we learnt about masks and Harmon and it continues in Joseph's saga where we learnt about Pillar men and why harmon was effective weapon to defeat them. But when it entered...
  45. SpookyShadow

    Serpico vs Griffith

    Falcon of Light vs Base Serpico Speed equal, of course. Who wins?
  46. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Terrarian vs Skull Knight

    ok so he wasn’t getting downgraded.Nice 8-B is a bad tier,however it still has its uses. Terrarian vs Skull Knight You feel a spooky presence stalking you Both have all optional equipment.However certain items/optional equipment can be restricted if it renders the match a stomp. Strongest...
  47. ThisThingisReallyBroken

    Gaunter O’Dimm vs Idea of Evil(Berserk)

    Demon vs Demon Gaunter O’Dimm vs Idea of Evil Gaunter’s 7-B key is used. IoE is at his strongest. Fight takes place in a castle. All optional equipment is allowed. Idea: Gaunter: Incon: 3
  48. Rikimarox2

    Idea of Evil vs Fran

    Yep. Speed Equalized High 7-C versions are used. SBA Idea of Evil: 0 Fran: 0
  49. Anarchy2198

    Guts vs Pyrrha

    -Guts (Berserk) -Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY) -Equal Speed -Both Bloodlusted -Win via Death or Incapacitation Who wins?
  50. Cultivator_Daemon

    Guts (Berserk) VS. Lady (Devil May Cry)

    The Black Swordsman Guts VERSUS! The Walking Arsenal Lady Conditions: This is 9-A Guts Speed is equalized. Both combatants are in-character. Lady & Guts start 12 meters away from each other. Guts is restricted of Dragonslayer and has his normal greatswords Votes: Guts (Berserk): 7...
  51. NoGround

    Hundred-Man Slayer vs. Death God of Yuuz (Guts vs. Schera Zade) (0-1-0)

    Two war heroes and battle-hungry war nuts come face to face. Guts vs. Schera Zade Tier 9B - Using Golden Age Guts and Single Death God Schera Speed equal Guts: Schera:1 Inconclusive:
  52. Dusty_Raider

    Guts vs Legate Lanius

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Legate_Lanius https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Guts Speed is equalized, both are 9-B with lanius having 9-B dura LL: G: 1 I:
  53. PaChi2

    Guts vs Buggy

    Guts Buggy the Clow Black swordsman arc Guts. East Blue Buggy Speed equal
  54. PaChi2

    Berserk God Hand/Idea of Evil Unknown AP

    Simply put, Femto/Void/Slan/the other two who's names I dont remember now, as well as the Idea of Evil, should be considered Unknown. Scaling them to the physical manifestation of Super Tree Ganishka is inaccurate. Nobody confronted Ganishka. Femto touched him and Ganishka died, then used Skull...
  55. PaChi2

    Berserk discussion thread: Golden age.

    We can talk about the verse, if you want to. Just wanted to say that "Adult attack" is the most f**ked up thing I have read in a while. I like the series, though the anime is kinda... ....
  56. SheevShezarrine

    Guts vs Genichiro

    Guts vs Genichiro Ashina Both 8-B Speed equalized Guts can use Berserker Armor if pushed hard enough (this rule can be removed if it results in stomp) Fight starts at 10 meters distance, takes place atop Ashina Castle Fight until death, KO, forfeit, or retreat
  57. PaChi2

    I saw an interesting profile

    The wording is just pure gold.
  58. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Clare vs Griffth

    vs High 7-C versions, speed equal Clare: Griffith: tie: FIGHT!!!!
  59. Lightstar619

    Kenshin Himura Vs Guts

    Both are tier 8-B Combat speed and reaction speed are equal
  60. SheevShezarrine

    Guts vs Chris Redfield

    Golden Age Guts vs Chris Redfield Chris has found yet another worthy man to wed Claire and continue the Redfield bloodline, yet like Leon, Guts rejects the honor. Chris will not abide this, and decides to get Guts to wed Claire by force. No equipment, hand-to-hand fight until KO or submission...

    The Hunter vs Guts.

    Both at 8-B. Berserker Armor Guts is being used. Speed Equalized. Hunter: Berserker: Incon:
  62. The_Wright_Way

    Solid Snake vs Guts

    Both at 8-B. Speed Equalized. 8-A equipment restricted. vs.

    Guts vs Odogaron.

    Black Swordsman Guts is being used. Speed Equalized. Guts: Odogaron: Incon (if needed.):
  64. Strawboi

    Knuckle meets his fate.

    Guts vs Knuckle Bine Yeah right I would like to see you try. You shall meet your fate soon enough. Speed equalized All sba Berserker version used for Guts while 8-B version for Knuckle. The Black swordsman: Hunter: Inconclusive:
  65. KGiffoni

    God of War vs Black Swordsman

    9-A keys here. Orochi scales to 0.035 tons, Guts scales to 0.04 tons, so Guts has an 1.14x AP advantage. SPEED IS EQUALIZED. SBA. Guts has his Dragon Slayer and hand cannon. Doppo Orochi: 4 Guts: 0
  66. OppaiSenpai5

    Wolf (Sekiro) VS Guts

    8-B Wolf, speed equallized, sba otherwise Guts : Sekiro : Artorias:
  67. Quibster

    Alastor vs Femto

    Alastor (Hazbin Hotel) vs Griffith Griffith is in his High 7-C key Alastor is in his Low 7-C key Speed is equalized Battle takes place in an Interstice from Berserk (Verse) Radio Demon: 0 Hawk of Darkness: 0 Incon: 0
  68. Quibster

    Ness vs Idea of Evil

    Ness vs Idea of Evil Ness is in his Low 2-C key IoE is in his Unknown key Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in the Abyss from Berserk (Verse) Cap Kid: 0 Not Giygas: 0 Universe Explodes: 0
  69. Quibster

    BERSERK Great Roar of the Astral World Calc

    A result of Skull Knight's attack being redirected by Griffith to Ganshika. As a result, the Physical and Astral Dimensions have both merged into one Global Interstice. Can we Calculate this picture in comparison to how we calculated the explosion on Zebes at the end of Metroid: Zero Mission...
  70. Politebunny7

    Griffith possible added abilities

    Griffith should have supernatural luck or causality in battle use via Evading multiple arrows in close rang without moving http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ooE3sTXixNk/Vi6_I3HMoMI/AAAAAAAA3rY/YJ9_7NhlBDE/s16000/0183-006.jpg...
  71. Quibster

    BERSERK Griffith/Femto & Slan CRT

    Supernatural Luck via Godhand's Influence/Idea of Evil's in his Griffith key. Reason being due to the his possession/blessing from the Egg of the King. Also known as the Crimson Behelit. He's escaped death from Zodd as a result of this― (which Zodd was in Tier 8 while Griffith was in Tier 9)...
  72. Quibster

    Incon? | Femto vs Giorno REDUX

    Giorno Giovanna vs Griffith Speed is equalized Griffith/Femto is in his High 7-C God Hand Key Giorno is in his 8-C Gold Experience Requiem Key Battle takes place in an Interstice. (Femto can only fight and manifest in Interstices― he has no advantage in this setting.) GioGio Gang: 0 Falcon...
  73. ShivaShakti

    Berserk AP revisions (God Tiers)

    So i've been wanting to do this for a while. So currently the members of the God Hand in berserk are rated atleast 8-B via scaling above Guts who got that tier through tanking Ganishka's lightning. However if you look to the pictures to the side, you can see Ganishka in his pseudo behelit form...
  74. SheevShezarrine

    Guts vs Kaneki

    Guts vs Ken Kaneki Both 8-B Guts can use Berserker Armor if need be Speed equalized Start 5 meters away In-character
  75. Maestro46

    Skull Knight vs Fugil Arcadia

    Skull Knight vs Fugil Arcadia 8-B versions are used, starting distance is 20 meters and speed equalized. Everything else is SBA Arcadia: Knight: Inconclusive:
  76. SheevShezarrine

    Geralt vs Guts (Rematch)

    Now that both have undergone some revisions, I've decided to do another match with them. Not trying to overwrite their original fight, but I figured it might be fun to do another battle with ithem Geralt with standard equipment vs End of Golden Age Guts with Black Swordsman equipment Speed not...
  77. GreyFang82

    Skull Knight VS A Gun God

    Speed is Equal Both are 8-B Y.V. has a Super Flak Cannon and a Laser Sword. They start 15 meters apart SBA Otherwise Who wins and why? Skull Knight: Yung Venuz: Inconclusive: "Pop pop"
  78. SheevShezarrine

    Guts Runs The Vinland Saga Gauntlet - Part 1

    Band of the Hawks Guts vs pre-Farm Arc Thorfin Speed not equalized (roughly the same ballpark, evens out since Thorfinn is faster and Guts is stronger) Fight takes place in Lord Julius' castle Fight until death, incap, or retreat Who wins?
  79. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Scott Pilgrim vs Guts

    Scott Pilgrim vs Guts End of Golden age Guts Speed equal
  80. IrMaXuS

    Pre-Eclipse Griffith AP, slicing off Zodd's Arm in Apostle Form

    So, since Apostle Zodd has a durability of above baseline 8-B in his profile as of posting this, shouldn't Pre-Eclipse Griffith's AP be 8-B for cleanly slicing off his arm in this page here (see below image)? here This is from Volume 5, Episode 5 btw Edit: Changed link to image since I can't...
  81. SheevShezarrine

    Some small but impactful Guts revisions

    Firstly, Guts' durability should be upgraded to "at least City Block level" for surviving a blast of lightning from Ganishka, who is capable of harming Apostle form Nosferatu Zodd. This would also increase his Berserker Armor AP to at least City Block level, since his own strikes can harm him...
  82. SheevShezarrine

    Eren vs Guts

    Eren Yeager vs Guts Round 1 Band of the Hawks Guts vs base Eren, transformation barred Speed equalized Fight takes place in the location of Eren's second fight with Annie Round 2 End of Golden Age Guts post-Eclipse (Black Swordsman equipment) vs pre-timeskip Titan Eren w/ hardening Speed...
  83. Bobsican

    Guts Vs. Barney

    Both at 8-B, speed equalized The Black Swordma The Purple Dinosaur Super Dee Duper!
  84. ArbitraryNumbers

    Guts vs. Larry-Boy

    Black Swordsman Guts vs Larry-Boy Speed Equalized Starting distance of 5 meters In character, but willing to kill
  85. GribbleTheTrashMan

    Please deal with this...

    In geralts profile it's stated that he won against guts but that's not written in the guts notable losses And, is this out of salt or something because there was another thread telling the same thing but it got ignored There should be action taken
  86. CreatorJoe

    The real "Black Swordsman".

    Rules. 1. "8-B in VR" Kirito and 8-B Guts are used for this fight. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. Kirito has the Elucidator, Dark Repulser, and FN Five-Seven. Guts has the Dragon Slayer, Repeater Crossbow, and Hand Cannon, but not the Berserker Armor. 4. The fight takes place in a forest...
  87. Ultimatewillpower

    Femto vs Pain

    Pain has his whole crew and all abilities Femto is Hax Incarnate Who would win? Femto: Pain:
  88. Prometeus1999

    The Demon Slayer vs The Hundred-Man Slayer

    Both at 9-B, this is Natagumo Mountain Arc Tanjirou, Guts with 2 days of prep, speed equalized, in character, victory by KO or death Kamado Tanjirou 3 (Milly Rocking Bandit, DragonEmperor23, Ionliosite),, Guts 0, Inconcluded 0 A Young Guts
  89. Ἔρυθρος

    An alcoholic Highlander fights the Black Swordsman

    The Demoma vs Guts Both 9-A The Demoman has the Scotsman's Skullcutter, the Splendid Scree and the Bootlegger Speed equalized Demoman: 0 Guts: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  90. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Guts v Kiritsugu

    vs 9-A versions, speed equal Guts: Kiritsugu:1 tie: FIGHT!!!
  91. Dargoo_Faust

    8-B Brackets Finale (About Damn Time Edition)

    Pretty much my thoughts on this entire bracket It's time. Current Standings Hub The contenders for this round are the Null-la-palooza, submitted by Mr. Bambu, and Hax-mgee, submitted by Wokistan. Low Rank Hunter is used. Speed is equalized, battle takes place at Final Destinatio, assume...
  92. EmperorRorepme

    GodHand abilities.

    I think Griffith has shown Causality Manipulation that doesn't fit the current note on his profile. Most of you will think this simple telekinesis but his telekinesis is constantly protrayed to be with a glance and it's even stated to be in the guide book to be a glance. Godhand have...
  93. Ultimatewillpower

    Berserk Revisions: Millennium Falcon

    Griffith and the God Hand exist on astral levels of existence, and are possibly reality warpers based on causality. Plus, Ganishka due to sheer size could destroy a city, but Femto was able to insta-kill Ganishka, unless that was God Hand magic. SK created new life entirely by just splitting...
  94. KnightOfSunlight

    The successor of One For All vs The Hundred Man Slayer (Izuku vs Guts)

    Black Swordsman Arc Guts vs 100% Full Cowl Izuku w/ Eri. Speed unequalized. 10 Meter start distance. Can reactions and skill beat power and speed? Izuku has a 1.8x AP and a 2x raw speed Advantage, but Guts has far higher reactions. "Don't be popping a boner on my head!": "I broke all my...
  95. Dargoo_Faust

    8-B Brackets Semifinals Part 1

    The semifinals have arrived, and the winner of these two rounds will progress to the final round. Current Standings Hub The contenders for this round are the Skull Knight, submitted by Wokistan, and Rin (Senran Kagura), submitted by Arrogant Schmuck. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place...
  96. DMUA

    Berserk Revisions: The Golden Age

    Alright so, Berserk's great, read the manga, there are some things that need work Beginning of Golden Age and late golden age are two different things Firstly, after watching the 97' anime, and then later reading the manga, it was pretty clear that they didn't exactly start 9-A Griffith at the...
  97. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Guts vs Not Casca

    vs 9-A versions, speed equal Guts: Undyne: tie: FIGHT!!!!
  98. Dargoo_Faust

    8-B Brackets Round 25

    Twenty-fifth round of the 8-B Brackets Begins! Winner of the last round was The Hunter. The winner of this round will progress to the semifinals. Current Standings Hub The contenders for this round are the Skull Knight, submitted by Wokistan, and Kary-08, submitted by Pixel-Kirby. Since...
  99. SheevShezarrine

    Guts vs The Man on Fire

    Guts vs The Man on Fire Black Swordsman Guts being used, can use the Berserker Armor if need be Speed not equalized (same ballpark in terms of combat speed, regardless)
  100. ShockingPsychic

    SCP-096 Vs. Guts (Berserk)

    Speed is equalized (Is there really a reason to though?) Guts sees 096 while walking through a wide, flat feild. Both are at their peak. Guts has his sword and armor They start 50ft. apart from each other Victory is achived by death or incap. Both are in-character.