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  1. King_Dom470

    Spider-Man (Insomniac Games) vs Arkham Batman

    Rules: -Speed equalized -The fight takes place in new york city -They both get 1 hour of prep time -Batman has access to his batmobile Batman- Spiderman- Inconclusive-
  2. DimeUhDozen

    River City Batgirls (Grace)

    Battle takes place in Gotham. Speed Equalized SBA Batgirl scales to 0.042 tons and Misako scales to 0.040 tons Misako: CoreOfimBalance(COB), jojo123, Artorimachi_Meteoraft, MaidRips, Mariogoods, Peppersalt43, Tonygamerman (7) Batgirl: Inconclusive:
  3. Peppersalt43

    9-A+ Tournament Round 1 Match 3. Batman vs Otus

    Batman : 7 Owlboy : 0 Incon : 0 Anything above 9-A is restricted Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters
  4. Tony_di_bugalu

    The biggest DMC upgrade to date

    Making this since the other one is not even close to being finished. So, we used to have the "multilingual" ability or something like that but I guess it got yeeted and adapted into the intelligence department so here it goes: Demons in DMC should have this since they can speak the human...
  5. Tony_di_bugalu

    Wohoo, slow down babe, another DMC speed revision

    Like someone said, the word outlier will come into play a lot here but hear me out first. In DMC 3 there is an enemy called the Damned Rook which attacks with a laser only, and before all come down saying they are not real lasers, welp, as per sugestion of someoneI made a thread to discuss if...
  6. Stalker_Maggot

    Ninten fights a Jester

    Ninte vs Arkham Low 7-B versions used Speed equalized Ninte: Arkham: Inconclusive:
  7. AB1124

    Mysterio (Marvel Comics) VS Scarecrow (Arkham)

    Who takes this fight with one week prep time?
  8. Lightning_XXI

    Devil May Cry 3 Possible Upgrade

    Hello guys, this is a small revision for the DMC3 cast which only involves Dante, Vergil and Arkham First, the cutscenes, but the part that I need you guys to take a look is at 1:09:12 At that time, Arkham had stomped both Dante and Vergil and was about to receive the Force edge, covering the...
  9. Assembled1801

    Arkhams's Regenerationn

    Should Arkham's Regenerationn be Mid by scailing Dante and Vergil?
  10. Totallynotchewbacca

    Could Lara Croft take on the Bat?

    Arkham Batman vs Lara Croft Speed is equalized Lara is in her second key and has access to all of her weapons takes place in a tomb Win via K.O. or death Lara is bloodlusted
  11. Dienomite22

    DMC revision of somesort

    Somewhat of a quick little revision with points that I like to address. 1.Mundus is not the black horned demon with a spear, the demon black horn demon with a spear is more than likely Bolverk since it literally describes him perfectly and even if that was Mundus it shouldn't be taken too...
  12. Overlord775

    Arkham Vs Muk

    Blob Arkham vs Alolan muk the fight of the dark sludge monsters Speed equalized