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ao oni

  1. Sans2345

    Tank (Left 4 Dead) vs The Oni (0-0-0)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tank_(Left_4_Dead) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Oni_(Ao_Oni) Both are 9-B. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in a forest at night. Win via by death, incap, or any other means. SBA for everything else. Big Zombie: 3 (@CuteAnimeNekoGirl99...
  2. Mariogoods

    Ao Oni Revision: Decomposition

    Currently, Ao Oni's profile states that "This profile covers all versions of the game, the movies, and other official sources". However, I propose that certain versions should be excluded from the main profile: 1. Ao Oni: The Animation: The comedic versions of Ao Oni. 2. Ao Oni Version 6.23...
  3. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Alcina Dimitrescu

    Both are 9-B. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the mansion that Ao Oni lives in. SBA Ao Oni: 0 Alcina Dimitrescu: 0 Incon: 0
  4. Mariogoods

    Murong Jie (Underworld Rangers) VS Ao Oni

    Rule: 1. Both are 9-B. 2. Speed is equalized. 3. The battle takes place inside the house in Ao Oni and optional equipment is restircted. Vote: Murong Jie: 7 (Peppersalt43, Mariogoods, FantaRin_The_First, Jackythejack, Veloxt1r0kore, Dragonite007, CoreOfimBalance(COB)) Ao Oni: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. Sans2345

    Yanderedev fights unfunny meme

    That's right Ao Oni vs Imposter from amongus. -Both are 9-B -Speed is equalized -Battle takes place in the mansion -SBA Ao Oni: 7 Imposter: 0 Incon: 0
  6. Gewsbumpz_dude

    A doll fights a demon from a forgotten horror RPG game

    Both 9-B Speed Equalized No prep time Battle takes place within the Oni Mansion Victory via death or incap Who wins and why? Doll: 4 Demon: Incon/Pepe:
  7. Sans2345

    Ao Oni Revision

    Body Control: Ao Oni can open his mouth larger than humans, possibly to eat humans better. Large Size (Type 0): Ao Oni is rather taller than humans. Biological Manipulation: Via turning into a Oni. Natural Weaponry: Via it's teeth. Intelligence: Ao Oni should at least have some intelligence...
  8. Sans2345

    Ao Oni VS SCP-610

    Both 9-B speed is equalized both are in character win via by death, incap, or KO battle takes place inside the mansion both are bloodlusted SBA Ao Oni: 0 SCP-610: 1 (The Golden Moustache) Incon: 0 VS
  9. EnnardTrap1987

    Ao Oni VS Zeus (Real Steel)

    Both 9-B Speed equalised Ao Oni: 0 Zeus: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  10. Sans2345

    Pinky VS Ao Oni

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via by death, incap, or KO SBA Pinky: 0 Ao Oni: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  11. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Slenderman (Jeff The Killer Saga)

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via by death, incap, or KO SBA both are in-character battle takes place in a forest at night Slender: 1 (Walker21232123) Ao Oni: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  12. Sans2345

    Massive ao oni revision

    Ao oni should ignore durability via transmutation hax, and has poor supporting facts about the AP, it destroyed a small dresser which in this case would be street level+ the pushing a large bookcase fact should be lifting strength not AP or durability, which do not scale to AP and durability...
  13. Sans2345

    SCP-352 vs Ao Oni

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via by death, incap, or KO SBA battle takes place in a empty containment chamber both are in-character SCP-352: 0 Ao Oni: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  14. Ahmed_berserker

    Kamado Tanjirou vs Ao oni

    The Battle Between the demon slayer and the demon 9-B versions used
  15. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear vs Ao Oni

    Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work. ~ Mark Twai Freddy awakens in a place, this is not freddy's it is some sort of mansion, freddy stands there puzzled not sure what this place is until he hears a woman's scream, freddy goes to the source...
  16. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Ghoul (Myth)

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via by death or KO both bloodlusted SBA Ao Oni: 0 Ghoul: 0 Incon: 0
  17. Sans2345

    Minor abilitys for ao oni

    Corruption (Type 2, can make people look like a oni), Body Control (Can move his mouth more larger than a Human)
  18. Sans2345

    Hulk (1970s) vs Ao Oni

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via death or KO battle takes place inside the mansion SBA Hulk: 3 (Altright John Egbert) (Modernmyrmidon) (Christian Higdon) Ao Oni: 0 Incon: 0
  19. Kiryu2012

    9-B Monster Brackets Remastered Round 1

    In the chill of the night, the Ao Oni marched silently over the dew-soaked grass. The full moon shone brightly overhead in the starlit sky, unobscured by any clouds that may have stuck around. The Oni had just exited a small forest, and now stood by a man-made path that led to a distant bar...
  20. Sans2345

    Venom (Sony) vs Ao Oni

    Both 9-B Speed equalized win via death or KO battle takes place in the mansion Venom: 0 Ao Oni: 0 Incon: 0
  21. Sans2345

    Gaston fights a Demon

    Gaston makes his way to a mansion with him hearing about a monster living there gaston eager as he was went over to the mansion to see if the rumors are true, he enters the mansion and looks around until he sees a purple creature. But ao oni saw the size of the man he assumed he ate 5 dozen...
  22. Sans2345

    Nightmare (Five Nights At Freddy's) vs Ao Oni

    Both 9-B UCN Nightmare is being used Battle takes place in the mansion Speed is equal win via death or KO Ao Oni: 0 Nightmare: 7 (Christian Higdon) (Jackythejack) (HeadlessKramerGeoff777) (ShockingPhysic) (Superray06) (Walker21232123) (Ennardtrap1987) Incon: 0
  23. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Zombie (Zombie Attack)

    Both at 9-B tiers The zombie is a tank zombie Battle takes place in the mansion Speed equal Ao Oni: 0 Zombie (Zombie Attack): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  24. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Henry Stickmin

    Both 9-B Speed equal Win via by death or KO Henry Stickmi: 1 Ao Oni: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  25. Christian_Higdon

    Assimilation Complete: Ao Oni vs The Thing

    Speed Equal. 9-B versions. The Thing had already assimilated a deer. Both are bloodlusted. Win via death, KO, incap or BFR (somehow). Who wins? The Purple Monster: 0 The True Abomination: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  26. Sans2345

    Hello, Oni

    The neighbor is watching TV one day when suddenly he hears a plate break he goes to see who did that but no one is there he goes back to where his TV is only to find ao oni standing there. Speed Equel. Both are in-character. Ao oni can use his teleportation. The neighbor can use his...
  27. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Composite Gargantuar

    -Both 9-B -Speed is not equel -The gargantuar fights a Squatto -Win by death or KO Ao Oni: 0 () Composite Gargantuar: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  28. Sans2345

    Ao Oni Verse Page?

    Could a verse page of ao oni work cause there is no character profile for the player of ao oni yet
  29. Jizzsmith

    Yuno gasai vs ao oni

    Both at 9-B Speed equalized ...lets see how long this one will last...
  30. Sans2345

    Ao Oni Vs Baldi

    -Both 9-B -Speed equel -Both Bloodlusted -Battle takes place in baldi's schoolhouse Baldi: 4 (ZacharyGrossman273) (BattleReviews) (Jimboydejuan12) (GyroNutz) Ao Oni: 3 (DMB 1) (Coreofimbalance) (Abstractions) Inconclusive: 0 ()
  31. Jackythejack

    Connie Maheswaran vs. Ao Oni

    i know that one of these characters is...decently popular so I hope this brings up some debate, but yeah. Connie Maheswara vs the Ao Oni. Speed is equalized, and fight takes place in an open field so...who wins and why?
  32. Sans2345

    Ao Oni vs Springtrap (Battle of the horror game antagonists)

    vs Its time for the most deadly characters from their series to face each other ladies and gentleman i give you Springtrap vs Ao Oni the battle takes place in a large haunted house both are aware of their presence both start from the sides of the house they cannot exit out of the haunted house...
  33. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Rpg maker monster fight!

    Ao Oni vs The Crooked Ma Speed Equalized and T.C. Man Non-Corporeal is restricted
  34. Sans2345

    Ao Oni And White Face Vs Herobrine And John Doe

    Ao Oni Teams Up With White Face To Fight Herobrine And John Doe Arena:Boxes (PS2)
  35. Sans2345

    Shrek (Swamp Simulator) Vs Ao Oni

    -Shrek Is Memetic Tier -Ao Oni Is High 9-B -Both Have Different Speed
  36. Sans2345

    Ao Oni Vs SCP-106

    Ao Oni Is 9-B SCP-106 Is 9-A Both Have Different Human Speed
  37. FanofRPGs

    An SCP fights a Monster

    Decided to do some horror stuff for the next few days, and the scariest thing about this matchup is that its not 682 for once Speed seems similar, but equallized if 173 blitzes. Who wins? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ao_Oni https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/SCP-173
  38. Sans2345

    Ao Oni Vs White Face (Wanked And Godly)

    Let The Fight begin Im Scared VS