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  1. E6pire

    Important Regular Show Updates

    I've been planning to do this for a long time, I finally finished doing it this week when I had time. Everything is in these sandboxes. (Don't focus on the number, start from the top down for ranking) Timenado Father Time Anti-Pops Pops
  2. Aolphl

    Regular Show Every Character Immeasurable Speed Uprage

    Hi everybody. I'm here to do something I've been wanting to do for a while. I want to make a few characters Immeasurable Speed. Me and @E6pire have prepared this thread together. Then let's get started! Main feats; Throughout the film, Time is depicted in the form of a Purple Line. So much so...
  3. PlozAlcachaz

    Some Regular Revisions For Regular Show

    Mordecai & Rigby (Items They Share) While I'm not against them having specific items, they should preferably have most of their items distinguished through Optional Equipment. I suggest that we make a separate tabber on their profiles to divide it. The Power (Both of them): This is the name of...
  4. Stalker_Maggot

    Two Reality Warpers fight (Anti-Pops vs Alien X)

    Rules: Low 2-C versions Speed is equalized Profiles for both: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Anti-Pops https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Alien_X Anti-Pops: Alien X: Inconclusive:
  5. Stalker_Maggot

    Skeletor vs Anti-Pops (GRACE)

    Rules: Both at Low 2-C Speed equalized Skeletor's "Death Incarnate" shit is not allowed The rest is SBA Profiles for both: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Anti-Pops https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Skeletor Skeletor: 7 Anti-Pops: Inconclusive:
  6. Totallynotchewbacca

    Bill vs Anti-Pops

    speed equalized High 3-A bill is used no background knowledge takes place in the center of the universe bill is checking out the picture i gave him and anti-pops decided to destroy it infuriating bill very much (putting him in a state like in dreamscaperers) so he destroyed everything in the...
  7. SSBXeno573

    Sonic vs Anti-Pops (Low 2-C Tournament)

    Second Round of the Low 2-C Tournament begins! Contestants are Anti-Pops and Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Character). Here are the current standings. Speed Equalized and Low 2-C versions (SBA otherwise). Sonic - Anti-Pops - 7 (Rotofbots, CrimsonAzoth, Zark2099, Og, Smashor, Jean, DaBigP) Incon -
  8. SSBXeno573

    Master Hand vs Anti-Pops

    Hopefully this is a good match. speed eualized Low 2-C Master Hand: Anti-Pops:
  9. The_Calaca

    Regular Show vs Dragon Ball Super (Part 2)

    Since we have Goku vs Pops we could make Anti-Pops vs Jire now. Speed equalized. They fight in the WoV.
  10. ZacharyGrossman273

    Anti-Pops Steps on a LEGO

    Anti-Pops: The First Spinjitzu Master: 3 Inconclusive: 0 Speed equalized
  11. TheArsenal1212

    Bill Cipher Eyes an Evil Popsicle

    Bill Cipher vs Anti Pops Both at Low 2C Speed Equalised (unless its already equal haha)
  12. TheArsenal1212

    Bill Cipher vs Anti-Pops

    Both at Low 2C
  13. Kople700

    Son Goku V.S Anti Pops

    Both At low 2-C (Goku In Mastered U.I) Standard Battle Asumptions Apply Battle takes place on the universal tournament stage Speed equalized
  14. Chasek479

    Dark Kahn vs anti pops

    Both 2-C
  15. Peppypony

    Toffee VS Anti-Pops

    Toffee's profile Anti-Pops's profile Fight takes place on Pops's home planet. Speed equal Low 2-C versions of each other
  16. ZacharyGrossman273

    The Doctor VS Anti-Pops

    The Doctor bested bill and he bested rick, and he'll best every cartoon villain there is! The Doctor has prep, but no TARDIS and no key to time. Who wins and why? Edit: speed equalized
  17. BraginskiBackup

    Anti-Pops (Regular Show) vs Mr. Mxzyptlk (DC)

    Win by incapacitating, trapping, or killing opponent. In character Battle takes place in a neutral dimension No prep time No World's Funniest Mxy
  18. ZacharyGrossman273

    Orcus VS Anti-Pops

    He who will erase us VS The Demon Lord of The Undead
  19. ZacharyGrossman273

    Q VS Anti-Pops

    Speed is equalized.
  20. ZacharyGrossman273

    Anti-Pops VS Butters Stotch

    Low 2-C Cartoon fight. Speed is equalized.
  21. ZacharyGrossman273

    Doctor Doofenshmirtz VS Anti-Pops

    Cartoons? Yup. Villains? Yup. Constantly fights the same person? Yup. Doof has prep. Who win? Edit: Speed equalized.
  22. DeidaraSanji

    Anti-Spiral VS Anti-Pops

    Who can win ?
  23. Gokuiscool144

    Fusion Zamasu vs Anti-Pops/Pops

    Immortal soul Zamasu vs Anti-pops Round 1: Anti-Pops vs ISZ Round 2: Pops vs ISZ. I'l make a seperate thread for the battle with Regular pops if needed.
  24. Gokuiscool144


    So I just watched the final episode of Regular Show which featured the battle between anti-pops and Pops. And I saw somethings that should be considered. 1- This is possibly PIS. Mordecai and Rigby TANKED the universe resetting punch by anti-pops and pops. Which would place their durability and...