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  • Prove its misinformation
    Anyone with knowledge of coordinate geometry can understand that any k dimensional coordinate space will be represented by R^k. The sources were already provided on the thread by others. If you lack the pre requisites to understand the basics then no one can help you.
    For a Hierarchy without top or bottom. How is it rated, High 1-B or Low 1-A.
    Say higher layer views the lower as fiction. This would mean every layer is superior to an endless Hierarchy of lower worlds which according to the wiki would qualify for High 1-B.
    There are already verses like that(SCP, I/O etc)

    The layer where the majority of story takes place is treated as the baseline and layers below it are treated as tier 11, while layers above it are treated as tier 1.
    Nice Trails image you got there whew

    I started recently and I liked it enough to maybe try and add some stuff on it on this wiki but man the scaling was garbage and all over the place that I gave up soon.
    It's like this in most rpgs.
    Lol I played faster this time since I wanted to be done with the series already.
    Thoughts? Fav character? Fav arc? Fav game?
    Made this tier list for the characters(it's also ordered in every tier)

    Favourite game is harder to decide because of how connected they are. Azure is up there. Sky SC, CS 3,4 and Hajimari are good too.

    Favourite arc is probably Sky since that's what I started with. But all 3 are good

    I was given privy to these screenshots of a conversation you were in.

    And so, I would like to discuss directly with you, but what is with the hostility in your tone? Do you have a problem with me? I would like to sort it out and get the record straight.

    Also, your understanding of my Ewigkeit upgrade seems to be incorrect, from what I can see from these screenshots.

    The Ber'iah degree doesn't make the character's High 1-A temporarily, it makes their law High 1-A temporarily because it overwhelms, overwrites and ignores, and singlehandedly pushes back the law of the entire world, all scans are on my CRT. Also, btw, they can only push back against the passive output of the law, if Mercurius wanted, he could just forcefully imprint his law onto any Die Ewigkeit member, like he did with Marie and her world (which is on the Emanation degree) here.

    Similar to how Yato could, barely, survive Hajun's law's passive output, but if Hajun ever actually noticed that Yato existed, he would instantly die.

    But the physical effects of their laws are still 3-D - just like just because Mercurius is a god that rewrites the world in a High 1-A law, doesn't mean planet Earth in Dies Irae is as powerful as the law that creates and sustains it.

    But this comment doesn't exist because I care at all for your disagreement with my Ewigkeit upgrades, that's why I have it put away in a Spoiler tag, the reason I am here is to try and "bury the hatchet" because your verbiage about my person makes it seem like you think of me like a plague, and I don't know what I have done to earn such animosity.

    So yeah, any complaints to my person, or questions on the wiki I have done or will do, I would like to discuss them directly, in the here and now.

    So please, go ahead.
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    Reactions: Shizuka
    Sorry for the late response(Have been a bit busy IRL)
    I Don't have any problem with you at all.
    Those screenshots were only in context of Shinzaverse and it's ratings here,Which I disagree with.
    Thanks for that explanation
    Although I would like to put my side forward on why I disagree with things I know this topic will bring a lot of controversy and I don't want to do it until I finish reading Dies Irae(Although I have done plenty of research) just to avoid the "You haven't even read the verse who are you to talk" if you know what I mean.
    Anyway, point is I didn't have any form of negative feelings towards your person. I apologise if it came off that way.(I might have worded it in a bad way as the server was a private server after all so we were pretty informal there)

    Also it would have been better if this was done on PMs but since you decided to bring it here it's fine. Will it be too much to ask who provided these screenshots to you?

    That's completely understandable, believe me. I don't have time for the wiki when I'm busy with writing a term paper after writing a speech after creating a website, etc.

    Okay, great. I can get that it's informal, I was just picking up some levels of hostility and I didn't know what I did to earn that, so I wanted to talk it out to see the root of what I believed to be the problem, so we could work it out. I am very glad that there doesn't seem to any, and that my assumption was incorrect.

    You're right, I was short-sighted, I probably should have discussed this in DMs, but whatever.

    I got the screenshots from a guy, who got it from another guy, who got from another guy kinda thing - and I am pretty sure that the person I got it directly from doesn't want to be named, so for his sake, - yes, it would be too much. Sorry about that.

    If you would like to discuss more, about Shinza or just anything, here's my Discord: Warren Valion#8278

    Thank you, stay safe, and have a nice day.
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