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Yukari Yakumo vs Kars (JORGE JOESTAR)

Giorno with Ger alone claps yukari via willpower manip.Kars with Ger,made in heaven ultimate requiem+ d4c would erase her existence.Mismatch
Oof sorry but my point stands.he is too versatile with TWU,MIHU plus his ultimate form.He's also nigh immortal with D4C ultimate
No stop. This was made and concluded before, back when Yukari was High 4-C. Was just never added. Kars won.
I mean little has changed. She still slaps in AP now, as she did before. And she can't kill infinite Kars before he just paradoxes her.
MIH can instantly accelerate Kars speed trillions of times which quickly accelerates to infinity at a thought and while I think he's initially slower, he should be able to activate MIH at a thought before getting blitzed at the starting distance.
Yes. He can perfectly copy any and all of his stands and give them to others as well and modify the powers and potency of said stands.
idk he could spontaneously manifest a stand at a whim, including D4C, dont think anything is stopping him from doing it again.

He most definitely could with White snake though.