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Your verses updates!

This discussion is meant to talk about the various updates you've granted your verses! May it be as small as adding a new character profile to complete changing up the Tiering of the whole cast! I think it could be a fun thing to see how everyone's doing with updating so that their profiles can be as best as can be!
I've almost finished making a Back to the Future verse page!
Recently came to the extremley revolutionary conclusion that Adam's 3x enhancer for his enhanced punches also applies to his other stages, not just Stage 1.

This makes his enhanced punches while in Stage 3 150.59 Megatons, which is 7-A

Doesn't outdate any matches, but it does give him (& Liam as Liam has the same ability his 2nd key (& Henry as Henry could match an enhanced punch in strength)) a mountain level tier
going to make all Vacuo arc keys on par with Ruby due to training weeks in Atlas with Ruby who's moon level

It's the same way how SSJ Goku trained with Gohan and Piccolo to prepare for the android's and Piccolo was strong as ssj Goku
Okay so, 26,285,995,518 tons of force for Base Penny and Base Bann (Class T)

Atlas arc Yang's semblance varies between 52,571,991,036 tons of force (Class T) to 3,680,039,372,520 tons of force (Class P)

Orange Amp boosts Bann's lifting strength to 105,143,982,072 tons of force (the maidens scale to this) Class P

Wrathful Bann/Furious Cat/ascended Ruby/Vacuo arc characters scale to 262,859,955,180 tons of force (Via being 10 times stronger) Class P

Vacuo Arc Yang's semblance varies between 525,719,910,360 tons of force (Class P) to 36,800,393,725,200 tons of force (Yang and everyone else had been training with post vol 9 Ruby who became 10 times stronger and are now on her level after weeks in vacuo) (Class P)

The wizard/Salem with magic/Vacuo Arc Maiden Cinder, Penny, Raven scale to 525,719,910,360 tons of force (Class P)
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The Sin Vision page was shot with a +4000 bytes polishing update, for most to be more clear. Also to not fall behind in quality behind the new big F.P. and Red Laser Pages. FU Verse page is next 👀
Quite a few sessions have been played since the last update for "The Keyword Is Try"

Updates coming later this month:
  • 2 keys for each main character. The Western Island Arc - Madness Mountain Arc (which covers their power level for the past like 3 arcs) and a Call of Cthulu Arc
  • Western Island - Madness Mountain Key will remain the exact same for all profiles, as I last updated all of them right at the end of the Madness Mountain arcs conclusion
  • Call of Cthulu arc has them facing characters that I have calcs for that go up to 8-B, so characters will become 8-B in power
  • Far more hacks, abilities, and creatures
  • The very high tiers such as Dave the Wonderful Wizard scale to Beholders, who have a calc going up to Large Mountain Level+, so chances are in future arcs our main characters will reach that level too by the "Final War" & Hells Punishment" Arcs, which is planned to be the final 2 arcs of the series and the end of the campaign
  • Cthulu is a confirmed Planet level character
  • Jerry has confirmed universe level weaponry
  • There is confirmed multiverse level weaponry in the verse