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West v. Castle: Dawn of Frankening (0-1-0)

The Punisher is far more skilled with a weapon and his analytical prediction will make it easier for him to take Frank out, all it takes is a bullet to the head in this case.
His Analytical Prediction is a super minor one, just "hitting where you would be", but oh well, counted
Zark2099 said:
His Analytical Prediction is a super minor one, just "hitting where you would be", but oh well, counted
I mean, if it helped him with Spider Man, it's going to be more effective against someone less agile and more predictable, all Castle needs is a shot to the head here, comparing these two in a shootout isn't a contest.
Clearing out hives of criminals and mafia members is his best feats tbh
Oh huh. Frank can clear out a shit ton of military, cultists, criminals and mercenaries so...might be better? Frank fights military a lot.
can you please refer to him as West this is confusing

iirc Punisher had broken out of a maximum security prison in Bagalia and broke into the King's house, so I think that's a better feat? Bagalia soldiers are kinda shittily trained, but otherwise have better weaponry and stuff.
Honestly it is an outlier. He never really replicates that level of aim, ever.