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Umineko Revision: Not the one we want, but the one we need

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So, as some of you likely know, there exists a page for most of the When They Cry/07th Expansion series entries on our Wiki, that being Higurashi, Umineko, Higanbana, and the When They Cry page. In my honest opinion this is all redundant and should be merged into 1 singe page for the entire series, called 07th Expansion Series, something akin to the Shinza Bansho series page.

Here is a sandbox on how the page should look, done by yours truly.

In the end this isn't a complicated CRT, so hopefully there won't be anything controversial here.
No tier revisions=Good
i agree good and job on the verse page
because **** me i can't do size adjustments for verse pages to save my life
I agree as well.

Ps. while not directly the point concerned in this CRT, but why is Maria tier 0 while someone like Featherine is tier 1-A at best?
I agree, I think the pages look good.

but the city of books is still 1-B on the cosmology page making me fear for an impending downgrade to my boy Battler...
Idk. Maybe it's just my personal preference, but I would've chosen fully separate page for everything, and left only the link on the main page.
I understand merging the three main installments of the series into a single page, but I don't really understand the need of a verse page for 07th Expansion as a whole. Besides Hotarubi and Trianthology (And that Light Novel which I don't remember the name of), none of Ryukishi's other works actually relate to When They Cry as a universe, as far as I'm aware. Unless you count Angel of 17 Years mentioning that Ange and Virgilia wrote yaoi fanfiction of Higanbana characters, which is pretty dubious canon, to say the least.
Higanbana and Rose Gun Days are related tnx to 07th Party (and Ryu's statement that Buttler from RGD is Battler). The only one which I think it's somewhat dubious is Renai Harem as it only has a Rika expy, and possibly a Zefar/Furfur expy.
I agree with tier 0 downgrade merging all of them in one page,now people can easily find and know all verses that are related to 07th expansion
There would actually be a Tier CRT in a few days, so keep your hopes up.
Higanbana and Rose Gun Days are related tnx to 07th Party
Can 07th Theatre even be considered canon, though? It's mostly just a silly short story that Ryukishi wrote involving some of his most popular characters, and the man himself already stated that Rose Guns Days in particular is a separate universe from When They Cry. Butler having "the same actor" as Battler is largely a reference to the star system, which Ryukishi adopted for his own work; it doesn't really refer to any cosmological factor, and the only thing resembling this in WTC proper is the description of Featherine's true nature, which is something else entirely.
07th Party links all those worlds together, so I don't see why we should discredit it. Battler isn't the only one with an expy in RGD, both Lambda and Bern having one (with Lambda's one even being called Tanashi Miyoko). The same description with the actor is used between Rika and Bernkastel too (and Higu and Umi in general), and the role thing is not only restricted to Featherine, Bern herself mentions that she just played roles in Higurashi and Umineko (playing the villain in the later).

As for Higanbana, I don't see why we should discredit Angel of 17 years. The way it mentions Higanbana is similar to how Umineko mentions Higurashi (but without the Yaoi stuff xD), and Higanbana itself mentions Umineko multiple times (it's a novel, a tv series, and a play in Higanbana, similar to how Higurashi was a novel in Umineko).
Yeah, fair enough. Bern already mentions Ghost in the Shell and Children of Paradise as being different Fragments in Episode 8's Tea Party anyway, so Higanbana being mentioned at all means it probably exists somewhere in the Sea of Fragments. Same with the other works.

So now can we scale Ghost in the Shell to Outerversal based on this? Please?
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