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Two Viking butcherers fight! Thorkell vs The Crawler

Two vikings whispered with fear about something called "The Crawler" that had been butchering groups of Vikings at a time until a presence towered over them, Thorkell had overheard this whispering and had a massive smile on his face "Where has this Crawler been hunting?" "T-To the south boss!" Thorkell laughed "Sounds like fun! I'm going to hunt this beast alone!" Thorkell left the building with his axes in hand and traveled south about a mile, where a dark beast dashed around the area, Thorkell once again smiled, and readied his axes before charging The Crawler

Both 9-B

speed equal

both start 10 meters away

battle takes place in a snowy tundra(like on in Vinland Saga)

Thorkell the Tall: 2

The Crawler: 0

Inconclusive: 0

Vinland Saga OST - Thorkell Theme - YouTube
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Won't its acid make it incredibly difficult to kill it, especially if Thorkell is just thorkell and bathes himself in it, plus the immense gap in Lifting Strength, Thorkell kinda has his work cut out for him
its acid makes up for it being at an AP and skill disadvantage, honestly I could see this going either way easily, Crawler might actually have an experience advantage, having fought Vikings before while Thorkell has never seen anything remotely like the xenomorph, honestly Thorkell's biggest disadvantage is the fact that he's going to lose his axes to the xeno due to the acid
also Thorkell is 9-B here, 9-A would be over a 1000x difference in power, which is an obvious stomp
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I give this to Thorke, he's much more intelligent and skilled. Experience doesn't matter when you're a mad beast that just overpowers the enemies with brute strength.

Thorkell would be able to get the upper hand and slash through the Xenomorph, who has both lower dura and AP looking at the feats on the profile.

His battle-drunkness is unlikely to show up, the crawler isn't a skilled warrior and fighting animals is something he does to kill time.

It's true that his axes melt with the acid, but a single swing would chop the monster, given that those axes can easily cut through rock and wood, while the Xenomorph eventually went down from normal axes. By the time the axes are gone, those two hits would have already dealt some lethal damage.

And if Thorkell notices the first axe melting, he would be sure to land a fatal hit.

The acid on the skil is surely a problem, but Thorkell can endure the pain or at least be less wounded than the crawler.
What's with all the Thorkell matches? Did someone or something make Vinland Saga ridiculously popular or?