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Two Jeanne D'Arc from another universe meet each other!!

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Well,bit bored,suddenly get interested to Tart (bless you magireco!!),so i made a match agaisnt her another counterpart from universe,ok lets go!!

-Both in character

-7-B Tart is used here

-Speed equalized

-Place located in france

-Range is 100 meter

-Win via death!!

Jeanne FGO4


-Tart : 0

-Ruler/Jeanne : 0

-Inconclusive : 0
Tart can't bypass Mountain to Island level dura.

Jeanne can't bypass dura which is at least Island level without killing herself.

Inconclusive i guess?
I mean, this is actually a battle between two tanks with their arsenal is useless here. Tart is haxless in this form and Jeanne has one attack that will kill Tart and herself.

This is not a mismatch where one characters stomps another one. This is a mismatch where their power and abilities doesn't fit with each other to be called a decesive battle.
Hmm. They can wail at each other all they want but this either ends with both being too tired to continue... or yuri. Closing this.
This fight can really only end one way: Ruler using La Pucelle when she finds that nothing else works. So no matter what, both combatants are dead at the end of this.

I mean, technically, you could call that inconclusive. But I'm not fully comfortable with that. I say that based on the fact that I feel inconlusive verdicts should be given when two characters have equally viable means to winning and it's nigh-impossible to tell which one would happen more often or desicively.

This is less of that and more of 'Taking you with me'. So, yeah...I don't know...
Not open for further replies.