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Trinexx Revamp

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It's about time the most important character in the Zelda mythos got the revamp he deserved. Not really a whole lot to say, I'm just revamping Trinexx's profile giving it scans, references, so on and so forth. My revamp, and the current profile for comparison.

Only major change (kinda) is removing it's High 7-A low end and making it straight up 6-C. Tbh I don't really know why everyone else that puts up a fight with Link wielding the Master Sword fully scales to him while Trinexx just got it as a possibly because, I dunno, we needed something to stick the ether medallion calc on? But yeah, just revamping this one dude from what is objectively the best game in the series. Very cool OOT temple bosses CRT coming soon(ish) just getting this dude outta the way first (I've had this revamp done since last year but I completely forgot about it until now lol)
ok cool I stopped getting notifications for this thread. got enough agreements, enough time has passed and I just finished making the changes so this can be closed.

Not open for further replies.