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Tornadoes: How to treat them


VS Battles
Calculation Group
So yeah, I had a talk with Bambu on discord over some other random stuff I won't bother elaborating on, when he brought up that for some reason we treat all tornadoes as a F3 until otherwise proven

Now, I don't know much about tornadoes, but what I do know is that, that's not anywhere close to standard for tornado Magnitude. Sure, it can happen, but not normally by a longshot.

In fact, on the blog we use for this, this comment is made, pointing out this very problem. Of course, it never got a response.

As I said, I don't know much about tornadoes, so I don't have much to say, but assuming that all tornadoes are the absolute highest end is a pretty absurd assumption, so, we should find an alternative. Simple enough.
Well of course we don't because we always link to an F5 calc

and we shouldn't

Edit: wait fork
yeah they're F3

Bambu this seems important should we highlight this
Speaking seriously, should probably handle it the same way we handle Earthquakes and Storms, by comparing it in intensity. Most fictional tornadoes made aren't going to be F0 or F1. They are these raging monstrosities.

So, my suggestions:

1. Stop assuming such a large size. Size can easily be calc'd.

2. Create some sort of scale to give a concrete value to the intensity of the given storm.
Personally I would scale the wind speed by looking at which description of the F-Scale fits best and then use its size and a KE calc to get the value.

Regarding size: If it can be scaled, definitely do that. But if it can't be scaled (text based media and stuff) then I wouldn't mind assuming something like 200m ('cause "a few hundred meters across") as long as we are talking about a realistic tornado.
I agree 1 km wide is a bit


and tornadoes should be calc'd based on visible size or at least a much-lower baseline with the 200 m thing.

so yeah.
AguilaR101 said:
I reckon that tornados are categorized based on wind speed, so a F5 tornado would obviously be more powerful than a F4 one.
...yes. We know.
No. Does it need one?

We've been sort of trigger happy with highlights recently and tornado calcs frankly aren't incredibly prominent. I'd be happy if a few calc group members and calc-savvy people (Aguila included) would be PM'd to give an idea if they could spare a minute or two but this really isn't an immense issue.