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Tiamat and All the Worlds Evil


VS Battles
They both have a corrupting evil mind control mud theme going on, so I was wondering if there is any connection between the two?
Not exactly.

Tiamat's mud is sort of a primordial soup that opposes evolution. It modifies the spiritual and biological structure of the targets and imposes a Geas on them that makes them enemies of humanity.

Angra Mainyu's mud was formed from the curses, pain, and suffering of humanity. It also affects the spiritual core, but not in the same manner as Tiamat, as it merely blackens Servants and melts most humans.

That said, they're both referred to as the Mud of the Grail, but we don't have much else to go on besides that and the fact that they both modify their victims.
That about sums it up.

They will be filled with anti-human sentiment and made to slaughter as many as possible.