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avenger (angra mainyu)

  1. QuasiYuri

    The Weakest Servant VS The Best Demon Lord of all times

    Finding good 9-Bs for Angra is kind of hard, so that's the closest I found: Speed equalized. Base key for Angra, Lero without his items. Can change the key if it makes a better fight. A dude getting his ass kicked by a human: A dude getting his ass kicked by another human:
  2. VAVADevil32

    The Underworld Rebel vs All the World's Evil

    "Your life isn't even worth taking. But... It looks like you're not worth keeping alive, either." "Let's go! I'll make you reap what you sow! Die from the payback! Verg Avesta!" Lucifer (Monster Strike) vs Avenger/Angra Mainyu (Fate/Stay Night) Who will Win? Arena: Fuyuki City Nether knows...
  3. AnonymousBlank

    No more baseline Servants

    ...... 'cept the 7-Bs. They are still baseline, just 7-A this time via the huge margin this calc grants their fodder physicals. Seems pretty simple imo. This here calc was accepted and fits perfectly with our current stats for Servants. Shirou projects a shoddy Excalibur and kills the...
  4. Yobo_Blue

    Probably the worst

    Most skilled superhuman killer vs Most skilled human killer First key avenger SBA Speed is Equal Batman has prior knowledge SBA otherwise Who wins?
  5. Solacis

    Angra Mainyu Upgrades

    Angra Mainyu's third key (listed as "The Holy Grail") is missing abilities and his tier could be upgraded. In the case of abilities, as the Holy Grail, he should have Summoning (for being responsible for summoning Servants for the Grail War), Elemental Manipulation should be turned into just...
  6. Overlord775

    Rusalka Vs Avenger (Angra Mainyu)

    Both 7-A and speed equalized 300 year old loli: 0 Evil Shadow: 7 (Hl3, ABoogie, Iapitus, Velox, Solacis Schnee, Paul) Inconclusive:0
  7. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Suicidal Janitor vs The Weakest Servant

    i was looking at his Noble Phantasm and realised it was pretty similar to Highway to Hell. So here is this match. Either way, I'm cool with the results; Avenger gets a win on his profile or Thunder gets another inconclusive, either way its good McQueen is Bloodlusted, Avenger is not (meaning he...
  8. Promestein

    All the World's Evils vs Freddy Krueger

    The Holy Grail vs Freddy Krueger, within the Dream World, speed equalized, standard battle assumptions, etcetera etcetera. Angra is in the process of being birthed in his full form, and the mud is thus flowing.
  9. Promestein

    Avenger Upgrades

    Here's the relevant clip. Avenger trades blows with Saber for a while, and though Saber is noted to be purposefully on the defensive to see how his tactics will play out, the fact that he's even capable of fighting against Saber at all means that he should somewhat scale, but just with Tawrich...
  10. Xmark12

    Human killer? Let's test that. Angra Mainyu vs Combined Human!!

    inb4 composite tree solos. All the World's Evil vs All the World's Memes Rules: Servant Avenger vs base Combined Human. Speed equalized. Combined Human has a year's worth of prep time. Avenger only knows that the Combined Human is a combination of every human on Earth, and has a...
  11. Monarch_Laciel

    Tiamat and All the Worlds Evil

    They both have a corrupting evil mind control mud theme going on, so I was wondering if there is any connection between the two?