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Huh. This is a thing.

EMH Thor has the power and range advantage for creating a storm that spanned like the size of a large country.

Emh thor range
Thor's attack range

Also, he has dimensional travelling in his powerset, so BFR is a possibility if the going gets tough.

EMH Thor takes my vote.

I would vote the same :D Just asking, but shouldnt EMH Thor be 6-C or 6-B for creating such a storm ?
It's a storm, but it didn't do anything so the power there is pointless.

The reason he's "Likely higher" is because he actually used the storm to attack Galactus.
I remember EMH Thor being able to destroy a black hole, and also he was able to withstand phasing, multiple times, and BFR is definitely possible, and EMH has range advantage. GG, my vote for EMH.
Depending on the outcome of the neutron star feat, it may not be for long. That or MCU Thor overtakes EMH Thor.

But yeah, closed.
Not open for further replies.