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The Marvel Book Revision (Part 1: Analyzation)

I have been given permission to make this CRT by Antvasima. The Blog supporting this is here: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/U...ntial_Seed/Marvel_Cosmology_Massive_Revisions

This revision is based on "The Marvel Book" published late 2019, which goes deep into the lore of Marvel and if what I implied is true could have massive cosmology implications such as the placement of some Marvel realm like Sub-Space in comparison to the Alternate Realities and some additional supporting info for their current 2-A reasoning. Unfortunately, it's based on only a select few scans.

I do plan on getting the full book late today or tommorow afternoon, so I would appreciate some help analyzing the scans I shall post to see if anything comes from it.
Bump. I finally got the book, and boy if I tell you something interesting stuff happened. Here are some quotes from the book itself:

"With Galactus, they embark on extraordinary missions: liberating shackled universal avatar Eternity; exposing the oldest sentience in all Creations; battling counterparts from expired realities, as well as taking on reality's highest beings." [Which means the one that was shackled by Firmanent wasn't the Multiversal variant, rather it's Avatar. That's interesting]

Underspace is described as this : "An infinite-dimensional region beneath tangible reality, subatomic realms, and the Microverse, generally reached by extreme physical contraction and compression."

Underspace, likely the lowest of the realms, is described as Infinite-D. Wow... That is revolutionary.

Also, some may believe Realities, or at least all Realities, cannot hope to affect the Seventh Cosmos [which is blatantly Tier 1]. I want to show you something I found in The Marvel Book which proves they retconned the influence 'All Realities' statements has in terms of their raw AP:

"This pattern repeats across the web of the Multiverse until Time Runs Out and the Seventh Cosmos is destroyed in a cascade of Earths crashing into each other." [Meaning it's likely we can scale the whole of the Seventh Cosmos to some degree to the Alternate Realities, direct proof AUs have to be Infintie-D to affect the Seventh Cosmos on such a scale]

Then we have this statement: "These pacifistic insectoids attempt to repair damage they themselves had caused by meddling with the vast crystalline palace the Panoptichron, from where the Timebreakers monitor the Omniverse from outside its bounds" [Proof the Panoptichron is outside the boundaries of the Omniverse yet connected to the Nexus as shown in Exiles, proof the Nexus is treated here as connecting to the whole Omniverse]

This stuff, combined with several others involving the new hierarchal structure of Marvel , makes a pretty convincing case that Marvel's cosmology requires major upgrading or at the very least a revamp in terms of how realities work.

However, there is one last thing to talk about, involving Galan. We are lead to believe he was empowered by the Sixth Cosmos to survive the Sixth Multiverse's destruction and re-creation: " When the Sixth Multiverse shrinks and dies, it reverts to a primordial state of potential known as the Cosmic Egg. In the last moments of existence, space explorer Galan of Taa drives his starship into the core of the reforming Cosmic Egg—the universe's largest sun—in a final desperate act of defiance against the ending of life and light. As reality expires,Galan is spared oblivion in the impending Big Crunch by the Sixth Cosmos—the personification of the Multiverse's sentience. Donating its essence, the Sixth Cosmos preserves Galan until a new Big Bang begins the cycle of existence." [ 11:44 PM ] They also confirmed something:

" Following the birth of a new Multiverse, Galan's subtly altered remains —now merged with the Sixth Cosmos—gestate for eons until discovered by Ecce the Watcher who accidentally triggers an astonishing metamorphosis. Galan's vestigial form rockets into space, gathering energy and matter, reconstituting as a colossal incubator for an entirely new and unique being."

If this means what I think it is, then the Sixth Cosmos would be portrayed far weaker than the Seventh Cosmos' Eternity, as Galactus would scale to the Sixth Cosmos as he completely merged with it [although would only scale in higher forms such as Well-Fed when he's at, or near his peak]. As well as those who created him / revived him would scale to the Sixth Cosmos which is Tier 1 by nature of being a similar cosmology to Etenrity, but on a far lesser scale hierarchy wise.
So Basically the Info found in the blog can be summed to this:

  • Underspace, a realm below the Realities in terms of power, is described as "Infinite-Dimensional"
  • IG was described as ending the totality of existence.
  • Hierarchy between Sub-Space and other Realms would upgrade the cosmologies' 2-As if accepted as Tier 1.
  • Realms within the Nexus, which every 2-A worth their salt has scaled to in one way or fashion, includes Realms beyond the boundaries of the Omniverse [Omniverse defined in the book includes realms clearly High 1-B such as the Crossroads and other such realms] , which would upgrade several 2-As who affected the Nexus or is scaled to those who can.
  • 'All Realities' were shown to affect Seventh Cosmos [whose Tier 1], meaning the feat of destroying all realities can possibly be reconsidered.
  • Galactus can be capable of, with only the power of the Sixth Cosmos sustaining him, the end of Creation and it's rebirth, definitely being Tier 1, before merging with it [Scales to those who fought Well-Fed Galactus]
  • Supported by a future scan of a weakened Well-Fed Galactus giving Franklin what the Sixth Cosmos gave to him, the power to survive the end of Creation and it's rebirth [remember Galactus at this point is a lot stronger than the Cosmos aforementioned] , despite Franklin clearly being capable of doing that himself, as stated several times in the comic it took place but mainly did it to avoid franklin taking him with him into the next reality. Also supported by the fact he never gained power from it to gain his amp to Lifebringer, it was the Wellspring that gave him such an amp, as directly stated.
Basically if this is all grouped together and considered, plus every other applicable feat that has been shown in the past, then a 'possibly Tier 1' addition would be likely applicable. However, I'm in the neutral zone, but definitely say this is quite a deal of evidence for it, then if it's obvious then maybe something can come about it.
"The Marvel Book, Expand Your Knowledge Of A Vast Comics Universe"

It is, if you buy it. I just bought the whole thing, that was why I was able to provide quotes from the book not found in the preview.

Anyways, if the above is accurate, what are your thoughts about the information I presented ?
Multiversal Eternity was clearly the shackled one, and it wasn't an avatar. If they did not even get that much right, I do not know how much we should take as official editorial gospel from this book.
Infinite-dimensional may also mean infinite "dimensions"/universes in this case, as Marvel tends to be very sloppy about using the term.
That's 1 out of how many things ? Think of how wrong some Handbooks were with obvious information yet we still used them faithfully, even up until now.

And sure I'll go ahead and contact them.
We tend to recurrently distrust other handbooks too though.
Okay. Is it an official guidebook released by Tom Brevoort and the rest of Marvel's editorial department?
According to the credits he indeed had help from the editorial department as well as those who wrote for important cosmology events in Marvel for clarification, meaning he got it straight from the authors of those events.
Alright. You should still ask the other members that I mentioned earlier for help though.
In the History of Marvel Universe it was stated by Galactus that both the M'Kraan Crystal (the Nexus of all realities) and the Phoenix Force had survived the Sixth Cosmos destruction. Interesting info.

Does the book say anything about Jean and the Phoenix?
Also, what should we change based on this exactly?
Same questions as both Julian and Antvasima .So, are we allowed to use those instances as evidence supposedly for an massive cosmology update ? Because if the cosmology changes are applicable, plus History of the MU, the changes would be extremely massive towards the top and god tiers tier wise, considering the Higher-Realms in comparison to other realms.
Randomperosn said:
I have done so Ant.
Can you or somebody else please remind them with brief copy-pasted explanations regarding what this is about, and tell them that I would appreciate the help?
I'm working on addressing who scales and why, but the cosmology changes are immensely far reaching, even to those who scale to 2-C as the Hells & The Dark Dimension have superiority to realms I wouldn't have expected, as well as the M'Krann Crystal and... since as mentioned before the M'Krann Crystal survived the destabilization of the previous Multiverse it would backscale to other things...

Jeez this is going to be either very awesome or very hectic. I'm legit scared.
looking at the scan, it is said that the ten realms are located in a different sphere (zone) from the Earth, but the Earth is one of the ten realms, weird.
It's weird yes. They said something similar in the comics so at least that is consistent. I mean it at least gives support ot Yggdrassil including the Alternate Earth(s) in it's Branches.

So, what is your thoughts on the majority of the information Alonik ?
Tbh, seems pretty wise everything so far. I wish I could read the comic, but it is not on the internet, yet.
Oh sorry should have reworded it. I do appreciate your verification on it's accuracy and the wisdom of the author , but I was more or less asking if the Cosmology Changes were as massive as I made mentioend above.
The 2nd Existential Seed said:
I'm working on addressing who scales and why, but the cosmology changes are immensely far reaching, even to those who scale to 2-C as the Hells & The Dark Dimension have superiority to realms I wouldn't have expected, as well as the M'Krann Crystal and... since as mentioned before the M'Krann Crystal survived the destabilization of the previous Multiverse it would backscale to other things...

Jeez this is going to be either very awesome or very hectic. I'm legit scared.
This seems really really interesting!!
Well, it is best if you provide scans for all available relevant information to our experts, so they can evaluate what to do.
I think the first thing is determining where the line is drawn when destroying all creation. Does the being/object and the context fit the statement/feat? If so, to what higher dimension are beings considered outside creation? From the looks of it, the Superflow is the main boundary of creation before reaching White Space.
Yeah based on the diagram it is indeed the Superflow. If it indeed has the cusp of destroying all creation it would indeed follow that. However, that would only scale towards the higher-ups [Multi-Abstracts].

As for now though, the line that I'm trying to draw is here: here & here are the appropriate scans.

I mean they outright state the likes of Hell, Limbo, Heaven, and Otherworld are Higher Realms [how they describe higher dimensions / planes throughout this book is transcending those below them completely, not just through name] in comparison to the Crossroads of Infinity / Sub-Space, Fifth Dimension, etc. I'm going by exactly what it says here.
I agree, but we have limited available information.

Also, given the ongoing forum migration, no new posts will be saved, so we should start to try to pause all ongoing content revision threads, unless they are very important and easily handled: https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/4208849