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The Joker vs Ayato Kirishima

The Joker knows about all of Ayato's abilities, and comes prepared with a stolen Quinque.

Speed is Equalized


No 4th Wall Manipulation or Hax
It depends on Joker's Mood, but once he gets serious, a puff of Joker Venom will do Ayato in. Not to mention the fact that he isn't half bad at fighting (subdued the entire Batfamily and easily beat Dick Grayson) and had regen in Endgame (laughed at a shotgun blast to the face).
I think it depends on what Quinque Joker got his hands on, since Ayato is an Ukaku and specializes in ranged attacks that can be really lethal to the Clown Prince, since they can effectively penetrate the bodies of ghouls, which have skin thicker than steel.

Assuming that he stole a Koukaku since he is aware of Ayato's abilities, this shouldn't be too much of a challenge, since Koukaku's possess high defensive prowess in comparison to the other types of Kagune.

Essentially, Joker will be able to keep blocking Ayato's ranged attacks, and use his venom as a dirty trick once Ayato gets close.