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The Ancestor vs Hayes Vi Arcadia - To be bonded......

Time to try another Ancestor match, Date A Live was good. League was a bust, now Ancestor takes on Bahamut.

Speed is equalised. Both are Low 7-C. SBA otherwise.

Ruin has come: 0

Black Marketer: 0

Incon: 0

Okay so this is likely a bit shaky but Ancestor should have pretty good mind manip resist. Mind Manipulation, Madness Manipulation (Completely unfazed by everything save the Heart of Darkness itself, and was still able to maintain enough sanity to escape the clutches of the HoD. Glimpsed upon its true form, and was still able to function)

Ancestor is the second to last enemy you fight in the game, he can affect the minds of the heroes that are End Game. At this point the heroes will have dealt with some mental effects that are like this. I'll now quote Wokistan from an old Ancestor match that didn't get finished here.

I'm probably gonna need to look around and try and come up with some more solid numbers but considering the Countess was able to manip the minds of all those who consumed her blood save for the heroes. Here's the sizes of the Courtyard maps and last I checked you only fight those who are manipulated by the blood.

Map 1
Map 2
Map 3
Map 4

TLDR: Ancestor is certainly far, far beyond baseline I'd assume. How good is Hayes on this front?
12 million? Shit. I wanna say we can pull out a feat for Ancestor that can let him handle this but that sounds fruitless tbh

EDIT: I'll take a look I guess lemmie think bout it
Okay, so 12K is quite a hefty number. However Ancestor may have feats that help him resist that level of mindhax. This ties over to the blood of the Countess again, said blood was able to control and mutate everyone that consumed it save for the Heroes (Who can still die if they don't take some blood at least once in awhile and lose stats and even attack their own team at some points.) and the Ancestor (Who instead of falling to its ill effects actually got a vision of the Heart)

Now this not only extends to the humans who drank the blood, even minor things like bugs and fish were affected and under her curse. Heck one regular enemy is a giant mosquito that sucks your blood and a crocodile mutated so much it serves as the first boss fight of the area, so pretty much all wildlife in the Courtyard gets controlled by her and any that enter will pretty much be affected too. So I can't give a concise number for Ancestor here but I remember when Darth Vader vs Mewtwo happened and someone said that an island of Pokemon where mind haxed, that included pokemon that were replacements for insects. While the courtyard areas aren't exactly what I call island sized the sheer amount of bugs and other wildlife being controlled there should possibly be in the thousands.
Eh, Pokémon and insects are two different things, unless you're arguing Butterfree and a real butterfly are equally smart. The mental capacity of the beings affected is important in mindhax, this is why we have animal manipulation as a different ability, their simpler minds are easier to control.
Ic, well I mean even so the sheer number has to count for something surely?

(The Courtyard never ever runs out of people to fight btw one boss is a statue that was corrupted by the blood and just keeps coming back no matter how many times you kill it) so there are the implications that there are a loooooooot of people in there to begin with and simply grew more as the curse leaked out past there over time, you keep foraying into the Courtyard and fight more and more monsters and the bloodsuckers never run out. These people were controlled and mutated by her via the Ancestor simply using vials of her blood, whereas him drinking it just gave him a vision. Keep in mind that Ancestor's resists are far above the Heroes who by End Game have handled the Countess and her effects, yet Ancestor himself was perfectly fine besides getting a vision that actually counts as Clairvoyance. It took looking at the actual Heart of Darkness for the guy to actually have a breakdown and even then he had enough mental health to send a letter to the heir for aid before shooting himself. (He might or might not have done the latter but someone did send that letter)

We can also have the Siren who can mindhax people to their doom such as the thralls who only appear in the Cove iirc. She can also lure and manip the heroes into fighting for her who again can contend with the Countess's effects and Ancestor is far above them.