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The Ancestor versus Teridax


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The Ancestor versus Teridax.

Because Teridax needs more love.

Speed is equalized; 5-A Ancestor and Great Spirit Robot Teridax, of course. Standard battle assumptions.



Terridax doesn't seem to have a calc, so Ancestor has AP advantage. As such, I guess Terridax just gets torn apart by the Ancestor raising his hand. Due to being invulnerable on that scale, Terridax also just can't hurt Ancestor without negating durability. It also doesn't seem to have a defense against madness manipulation.

Both the flay move and madness come up a lot in the Ancestor fight, so I'll vote him for now. Terridax doesn't seem to have any sort of instakill hax that would act fast enough to avert this.
Terridax is an incorporeal spirit inside a robot (Which Ancestor shouldn't be able to flay since it isn't biological), so that's not going to do well.

This is an incon ultimately, between Teridax mindhaxing Ancestor, and Ancestor shifting into eldrich form to force Teridax into driveling lethal insanity.
he can still **** up the robot. Terridax's page says lack of regen as a weakness for this key.
Still won't really cause him to meet his end. Wrecking his body like that will probably only get him to the point that he'd mindhax.
If the body is unnecessary, Terridax should have something like type 2 immortality.
It's just Type 6 and Possession.