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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Hades

Round 1: Normal Tengen Toppa Gurren vs. Hades possessing Shun

Round 2: Infinity Big Bang Storm Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann vs Hades' True Body with Surplice
I think Hades has this.

He is immensely fast, even while in Shun's body (Was superior to Thanatos and Hypnos, who blitzed the Bronze Saint that had 100% of the 8th Sense + Athena's Blood, who are at least Quadrillions of times the speed of light. In his true body, he would be exponentially faster.

Hades also possesses Atomic Manipulation and Destruction, as well as mental attacks and dimensional manipulation. Not to mention that in his true body + Surplice, Hades is on the level of Cronus, who was going to shattter all of the universe's space-time continuum.

Finally, Hades has much higher Attack Potency than TTGL, one being a 2-C and the other a Low 2-C... And lastly, Hades holds control over souls and death, he could just wish for the Dai Gurren Brigade piloting TTGL to die.
^Nah I wouldn't say Cronus and if I'm not mistaken Cronus was going to destroy everything across time in the past,present and future as well.With that being said Hades should be at least Hyperion lvl since he fought the Titans unsealed for ten years and beat them.

R1: Hades induces death upon Simon

R2: Same but way easier or he could just manipulate it's atoms or destroy them he blitzed beings far faster casually while his eyes shut so speed isn't even debatable