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Would Tachibana's precognition be a problem for Thanos considering he scales to this?
He just sees time as a repeating loop? Because the same events have happened over and over again is what i can gather.

Tachibana has insane precog, basically she can see all of time, past, present, and the infinite possibilities that exist for the future, but that's not all, she can completely understand everything about a person, including their ideologies and their past.
I have to say that I forgot to add precog to IG Thanos in my last thread, but Tachibana seems to have a major advantage here, she may actually beat him.
Yeah the other girl is loli as hell OvO

Anyway put my money on her, Insane precog, EE, Space Time manip, Non corporeal stuff plus life's and death manip give her the victory Plus Godly regen
I think I gotta hand it to the not purple man.

Thanos is strong compared to lower tiers but for his placement he lacks a lot of insane hax such as EE, which homegirl seems to have.

That coupled with the above makes me lean towards her.
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