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yeah I dunno if this'd actually work or anything but I wanted to try it I guess. Iggy sneaks through the mansion through a doggy door and Spooky decides to not call animal control and instead kill a dog. I don't know how well this'll go but...let's test the waters at least?


Let's get the basic questions out of the way:

1) How powerful is her reality warping?

2) Does she spam teleportation?

3) Are there any requirements for her soul manipulation?
The power nullification seems to only limit the ability to run, which would be annoying, isn't too much of an issue on Iggy's behalf
Spooky probably teleports and removes Iggy ability of fast movement. This allows her to just soul manip gg. Not sure what Iggy's doing to a Type 7 anyway.
If Spooky's soul manip require something to activate, Iggy might get something, other than that, Iggy loses big time. Doesn't seem like she leads with soul manip much, but she probably would against sentient sand
Iggy can't really get past undead immo first shot either unless he tries to wrap her in sand. RW could help with getting sand out of the way on her part too.
I meant to equalize speed.

Unless that makes it more fair? I'd there anything I can do to make this fair?