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Spawn vs Buddha

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I'm bored, gonna make another spawn matchup. Both are at their peak and speed is equalized, takes place in the Cemetary where Saber fights Berserker.



Inconclusive: 2

Spawn merge with Mother
Servant Saver Gallery
Spawn wins for me, he has to much hax compared to the other oponent. I'm glad to see a lot of spawn threads lately.
If I remember correctly is infinite universe ^ infinite timelines and higher forces of existence. He's above them all.
the votes for spawn aren't legit votes. Can you elaborate on how Spawn wins aside from "more abilities"
Okay so going by Saver's NP:

As human history grows longer and longer, the attack grows more powerful, and it deals damage that no living thing can withstand, furthermore it freezes the target upon activation preventing them from defending themselves or evading the Noble Phantasm. Though those that are not alive and have not known the suffering of life or the four noble truths have a small chance of survival. Those who have achieved enlightenment through their own strong ideals can overcome it, and it is weaker against those that are not completely human, and it cannot completely "save" those who are on a scale of existence above mankind.

I think Simmons can definetly fall in one of those categorize, the fact that he in this form he is no longer has weakened by heavenly weapons means he should shrugg it off with the help of Low-Godly regen.

We, at least we can say that Spawn counters this one ability...
Spawn was higher than god and Satan and with him being merdged with the Mother of Existence the true creator allowed him to recreate the universe after armageddon and trapped God and Satan to another dimension.

He had the power of a supreame being and became a god like he would be able to warp reality and restore everything also again trapped God and Satan to another dimension.
Ok, that doesn't mean anything to a character that's scaled to infinite universes too.
Theglassman12 said:
Ok, that doesn't mean anything to a character that's scaled to infinite universes too.
Spawn had more fightning abilties too. Spawn being mredged with mother makes him immune to divine powers.
Ok like what? You need to be specific on what divine powers he resists and if there's proof of that.
Yeah he was explaining how Spawn can get through one of Saver's abilities. You said he's immune to divine powers in general, maybe elaborate on that next time?
Amita Amitabha is the only thing Spawn has the potential to perfectly counter.

Saver has resistances to Reality Warp and the like, on top of his own reality warp and fate manipulation, Spawn also has this but I don't know the scale it.

Both are definetly baseline so no one is OutAPing (lol) the other, not like it matters due to the amount of hax that both have.
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