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Soul Manipulation and Higher D shit

A relatively simple thread, something that I've been wondering for a hot minute. I'm fully aware of how Soul Manipulation is treated ( range.) but there's one thing that I'm quite confused about.

I'll give an example here, because this is what I'm wondering. So let's say a 2-A, with Soul Manipulation that dosen't work on a 2-A range ( as in they can't soul hax an entire mutli-verse of souls, but rather let's say a planet or a few hundred. ) vs 9-A's soul hax, but said Soul Hax can soul **** entire galaxies worth of souls, which of the two would be more impressive? From what i understand technically the 2-A would have the superior soul manipulation by being 2-A, but that doesn't sound quite right to me, especially in a case where said 2-A hax can't even reach beyond a planetary level of soul hax, meanwhile the latter is able to hax billions upon billions of souls, which is how we scale Soul Manipulation.

With that being said which one would be the accepted scaling here?
It is case by case stuff.

There are some 2-A characters whose hax potency don't scale to their ap and there are those whose hax does scale to their ap.