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Shortcut to The Witcher revision threads


The thread where stuff is being said rather than having to take actio (The Witcher Discussion Thread)

The thread like the previous one but a lot less active (Geralt of Rivia - Durability and potential Attack Potency change) FIN

Why was this thread ignored? (Some important Wild Hunt revisions/aditions) FIN

Ear Fetish (Sound Manipulation for Vilgefortz?)

Why are there two threads on this one discussion? (Gaunter O'Dimm Revisions & Gaunter O'dimm ability revisions)

Netlfix geralt is hot AF (Netflix Geralt of Rivia - 9-A Upgrade)

Is Geralt a manelt or a chad? (Geralt's Height Revision)

I am speed (Would this be a proper lightning feat?)

There are currently 7 revision threads going on

Witcher was through heavy edits and the profiles were greatly incomplete, when I first saw Geralt's profile I was like "damn... this sure lacks lots of stuff", nice that the verse recently got some attention it deserves.

Thx, I will post this on discussion thread