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SCP-3812 VS Yakou Madara - Battle for the strongest 1-A

Speed equalised

Fight takes place in outer space

SCP-3812: 0

Yakou: 2

Inconclusive: 0

Dr. Bright (because he does stupid shit like interrupting this fight): 0
OP didnt specify witch Yakou key. So SBA says strongest Keys, witch is Hadou God Yakou.

And i fail to see how Niko and Terei woudnt just oneshot it, no matter how high it gets, it dosnt get beyond high 1A
Then remove yog, Yakou in the list is already above 3812, regardless of that, 3812 cant bypass his immortality and has no answer to Yakou high 1A hax, so madara wins.
Last time i checked Both Umrar and Yakou have High 1A immortality dwarfing each other.

So until either daddy descend down and slap the other, both are doing shit against each other
First Witch said:
OP didnt specify witch Yakou key. So SBA says strongest Keys, witch is Hadou God Yakou.
And i fail to see how Niko and Terei woudnt just oneshot it, no matter how high it gets, it dosnt get beyond high 1A
Yakou is a gudou god not a hadou god
he is an infininitly transcending entity who transcended the entirety of narratives and is now eternally transcending itself in some strange space outside of fiction and reality. hes pretty much a walking No limits fallacy
GogitoQ said:
the hell?
To put it in a more understandable but longer answer, within the SCP verse exists infinite narratives branching out in every direction, down, left, right, and up, somewhere within the infinite narratives exists the "primary" narrative, where most of the verse resides, the primary narrative alone contains uncountably infinite dimensions, beings such as the Old Gods, and even The All-Mighty. While these beings are ridiculously powerful, capable of soloing most verses in fiction with no difficulty at all, they are still bound to the primary narrative.

As I said before, there are infinite narratives branching out in every direction. The primary narrative is below infinite narratives. The narrative above the primary narrative, which is heavily implied to represent the real world, holds a being known as "Ben", whom created the primary narrative, by his own words. Just a little side fact, Ben is the real name of 3812's real author.

Ben also created 3812 with a purpose, which was to supersede everything that superseded it. But what Ben did not take into account, was that this power would allow 3812 to even supersede itself. 3812 ended up eventually even transcending not only the primary narrative, but Ben's narrative, and even the narrative above Ben's narrative.

One of 3812's personalities stated at a much later point in the story that he was going to eventually transcend all infinite narratives, and even after that, it would continue transcending itself infinitely.

"One sunny day, we'll open our eyes and see nothing but creation below us, and nothing above us but ourselves, spinning out wildly into the great above."

Keep in mind though that, while 3812 is ludicrously powerful, and technically could be considered limitless within it's own verse, it is by no means Boundless in general or anything of the sort. As Deerofdreams said, it's basically a walking no limits fallacy, since it's really easy for someone to argue that 3812 can either transcend absolutely anything or is just above fiction entirely, and whatever narrative exists above the literal real world.
Getting onto the actual post, I hate to say it tbh, but yeah Madara wins, there is basically nothing 3812 can really do against him. Actually this could be considered a stomp, not that it matters since not only is basically every 1-A or higher match a stomp one way or another, but 1-A matches can't be added anyways.
wait why doesnt 3812 have immortallity 10 on his powers? arent all 1-A characters meant to have that?

he is far above any notion of life and death so why doesnt he have it?
1-A matches don't get added anyway, so instead of closing, I'm going to move this to F&G.
Actually yeah why doesn't 3812 have immortality type 10 on his profile? I figured he lacked something for it, and went to check the description of immortality type 10 for him, but it seems like he should definitely have it, especially since it says it applies to literally every 1-A character.